Friday, January 1, 2016

My Word for 2016

My word for a new year . . .
2013 ~ organize
2014 ~ deliberate
2015 ~ attraversiamo

For 2016 my word is "Peace"  . .
Peace in my worship . . this means deeper understanding as well as being able to find the verses to match concepts so my walk is solid . .
Peace in my home life . . this means sorting and deep cleaning as well as finally moving . . more time for Matt and to delve deeper into his real needs he can't always express  . .
Peace in my finances  . . again comes back to moving . . less pressure to chase money . . having enough money for all our actual needs as well as tithes and a little fun . .
Peace in my relationships  . . this may mean completely severing some while others become deeper and stronger . . also peace in a true loving romantic relationship (not to chase men and not currently dating, but holding these relationships to a much higher standard) . .

What is your word for 2016??

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