Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dehydrating Squash

Welcome back! Life on the homestead is zipping along as usual.
Tonight, as we prepare for another backyard camp-out, I am trying to keep the dehydrator running full-time.
My shelves are full of zucinni and summer squash. A yummy winter feast in the making!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

My Latest Knitted Hat

Good evening! Check out the hat I just finished. I went all out with the stocking cap concept. Sure hope the recipient likes it!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bug-Out Bag

Hi! Welcome back! Tonight I am contemplating the repacking of my bug-out bag. Yes, I am finally getting back to this project, mostly because I am deep cleaning and re-arranging my room which is causing me to deal with things I had tabled.
The first Bag was a red transplant bag~ easy to spot from a distance! Now I am using a dark blue backpack. We'll be way less noticable and blend in with the others.
For my initial content list for my primary bag I have chosen only the most critical items I would need if we were forced to walk out:
1. Personal documents
2. Prescriptions
3. Basic first aide kit
4. Bible
5. Emergency blankets
6. Addresses/ phone #'s
7. Maps
8. Books on wild edibles, etc.
This isn't everything I would like to take, but these are the contents that we absolutely must have.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Another Hat is Finished!

I am finally finished with the one on the right. The needles have the band color for the next one. The stripes will be those bright pinky colors and the maroons of the right hat.

Hats & More Hats

I am still knitting... Of course! Not that any of us believed I could stop!!
This is a small batch I dropped off at Will County Community Youth Mental Health For the coat and hat drive. I broke down and bought 5 more skeens of yarn at Walmart... I was so sick of the colors I had already and the new pretty colors were calling my name.
I am having so much fun making more hats with new color combinations. And, now, I am also trying to make more small hats so all the childrenms needs will be met.
It's good to have a hobby that helps others, relaxes me and is in His will!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Today's Breakfast

Hello! Today I whipped up a special breakfast to honor 2 days off in a row.
First I melted butter in a fry pan and stirred in pieces of fresh tomato (1/4 lb) and zucinni (1 lb). While that simmered on low I added 1/2 tube of pork chorizo, some Adobo, 1 1/2 packets Sazon (with cilantro and tomato) and a teaspoon of home canned sofrito.
I let it simmer until the zucinni was tender and stirred in 6 eggs.
Cooked until done, it was wonderful~ and full of veggies!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

We went shopping!

Yes, we hit Menards! This weekend we will begin the chicken coop!
I am so excited I could pop! Imagine~ fresh eggs just outside our back door!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Matthew Helps, Too!

It's so nice when a family works together! As times get tougher and we spiral towards 12.21.12, it becomes more and more critical that every member of a household does their part to keep things running and get ahead.
At 8 years old, Matt is able to sort, wash, hang out and fold his own laundry. This takes a weight off my shoulders and frees up time to do other things.
If a family is to survive, they must all work together!
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