Sunday, November 28, 2010

Johnny Cakes a la Matthew!

Well, good afternoon! You're just in time for lunch. Matt's making johnny cakes. Today's his first lesson on johnny cakes. For today's recipe he mixed a can of corn, 2 fresh eggs, a box of Jiffy corn bread mix and some milk. One recipe at a time Matt is learning to be a self-sufficient adult. The goal is to be able to completely care for himself by the time he is 18-years-old. We're off to a great start!

A Quiet Sunday at Home

Hi! Glad to see you! I'm still coughing, but you can come in if you dare. Today I'm primarily resting. No church :( and only really supervising cleaning. Matt made eggs and toast with apple butter for breakfast. Then he let the chickens out and got them clean, warm water. After that Matt and Mr McDoodle went for a jog around the block, a recent excercise he added on his own that completely exhausts Mr McDoodle! Then Matt hauled in a bit of firewood and kindling, stripped his bed and collapsed on the family room floor next to Mr McDoodle! Me? I'm knitting and trying to decide which 2-4 loads of laundry we should wash tomorrow and keeping the fire going. Happy Sunday and talk to you later!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Beginnings

Hi, all! Welcome back. As you can tell, I am making a new beginning. Sometimes one just has to start over... rethink their direction on this planet... and begin again. 
My new slogan for my life is 'back to basics', something my boss says a lot! Don't tell him I'm using his slogan~ we just don't want him that happy, now do we?! 
All joking aside, I am thinking about a more real-life touch to our relationship... keeping you more up to date on our daily lives... are you ready for reality? 
Okay, so today being my one day off and Sunday, there should have been prescribed activities... but, as it turns out, I am dealing with a cold and didn't feel like sharing it with everyone at church... I know, I'm selfish not to share, but what can I say? 
Instead Matt and I slept in... ah the luxury... Matt cooked a breakfast of scrambled eggs with bits of beef stick and cheese... then we watched a Christmas movie on the Hallmark Movie Channel, lost a few rounds of Super Mario on Wii to Matt then washed 3 loads of laundry (not making a dent in the laundry still needing washing!). Now we are home... Matt hauled in firewood, played in the ashes of the grill (guy thing?), took a full bath and is playing Wii again... 
I have a dinner of dehydrated ham, mustard greens and squash in the crock pot... hopefully done soon! 
Life is good... sometimes a day that doesn't go according to plan is the best kind of day!  
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