Thursday, December 22, 2016

I'm Moving~ Please Join Me!!

  Hi! So good of you to drop by . . please pardon all the boxes. .  I'm packing up and moving my blog to . . please stop by and see me there. I promise to provide all I have here along with so much more!! 

My Paid Workout Program ~ 20% so far today

I walked 2,021 steps so far today . . 
Long night . .
Rethinking everything yet again.. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My Paid Workout Program ~ 4% so far .

I walked 412 steps so far this morning. .
Still sore from yesterday so rubbed down nicely with good ole Bengay!!
Bring it on!!!

10,000 Step/Day Challenge~ 149% and Done!!

I walked 14,931 steps . .
Long day . .
  Arthritis "fun" . .

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Day 355/366

A day of quiet prayer . .
I do believe it is time to begin besieging heaven with prayers!!!

My Paid Workout Program ~ 69% so far!!

I walked 6,998 steps and haven't even had lunch yet!! My super chef is making me a fantastic PBJ, so a pause will come shorty. . ahhhh.. 

300 N. Pine Street, Joliet, IL 60435

My Paid Workout Program ~ 6% and running!!

I walked 648 steps so far today . .

" Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast . . "

1) tommy knockers in the pipes
  2) hobbits
   3) truth always wins
    4) praying and fasting for refreshing
     5) necessity of barefoot in a crick
      6) restoration through Christ

Joy Dare ~*~ December 19, 2016

     3 gifts manager-small . .

      * time
       * fresh, hot coffee
        * soft breeze

Monday, December 19, 2016

10,000 Step/Day Challenge ~ 75%

I walked 7,596 steps today . .
  Goodnight, all . .
     Sweet dreams!!!

300 N. Pine St., Joliet, IL 60435

My Paid Workout Program ~ 15% so far . .

I walked 1,582 steps so far today . .

-7*F in Joliet, IL

Good morning, world!! Check out this picture of frozen Joliet!! This is the intersection at Western Ave and Center St. So far roads appear clear and safe . . Be careful out there!!

Quilting and Praying. . Remarry Matt's Dad?

A day of embroidering this quilt top and chatting with God ..  ..  I've been looking at what Matt and I really need. .. . praying for direction and following His lead  ..  . being obedient isn't always easy . . 

Read more:

Sunday, December 18, 2016

1000 Marble Challenge ~ Weeks 830-832

    "We hung out at the mall, played Pokémon together, worked on cleaning our apartment and watched people drive like idiots down Center Street."

   More good weeks on our ever evolving homestead! How's your 1000 marble challenge going?

Chicken with Apples and Cauliflower

    Tonight's supper is chicken asad (yummy seasoned chicken) baked with pieces of apple and cauliflower . . baked slowly for a tender culinary delight!!

Exodus 2:23-25

"1611 KJV. Exodus 2:23-25
[23]¶ And it came to passe in processe of time, that the king of Egypt died, and the children of Israel sighed by reason of the bondage, and they cried, and their cry came vp vnto God, by reason of the bondage.
[24]And God heard their groning, and God remembred his Couenant with Abraham, with Isaac, and with Iacob.
[25]And God looked vpon the children of Israel, and God had respect vnto them."

    God is always there. He sees and hears everything. He has a plan.

70,000 Step/Week Challenge ~ 105%

I walked 73,661 steps this week!!

10,000 Step/Day Challenge ~ 188%

I walked 18,822 steps today!!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

10,000 Step/Day Challenge ~ 184% and home from the mall!!

I walked 18,554 steps so far today .. 
Matt and I had a blast wandering around the mall . .
He saw friends and cute girls . .
I hit level 25 in Pokémon . .
We both added ourselves to the Team Valor (Awesomeness!!) gym at the mall . .
Now Matt has a special mac and cheese in the oven and we've settled in for the evening. . 

My Paid Workout Program~ 129% and off work ..

I walked 12,981 steps so far today . .
Off work and on to my real life . .

My Paid Workout Program ~ 60% so far ..

I walked 6,010 steps so far today ..

No Blizzard??!

Hey, where's the blizzard I was promised by the weather services? It seems to me that, if I receive weather warnings, there should be some follow through!!
Now, today they are forecasting ice for most of the day . . We shall see ..

My Paid Workout Program ~ Sabbath Day

I walked 321 steps so far today . .

10,000 Step/Day Challenge ~ yesterday

I walked 7,499 steps. .

Friday, December 16, 2016

Waiting for the Blizzard!!

My Paid Workout Program ~ 6% so far ..

I walked 642 steps so far today. .
Hoping to hit 10,000 steps today . .

"Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast . . . "

  a) spiral clocks
   2) tornado parties
    c) restoration through prayer and fasting
      4) vermicious knids
        e) canned applesauce cake
         6) violet jelly on toast

This Sort of Love

"1611 KJV. Exodus 2:3-10
[3]And when shee could not longer hide him, she tooke for him an arke of bul-rushes, and daubed it with slime, and with pitch, and put the childe therein, and shee layd it in the flags by the riuers brinke.
[4]And his sister stood afarre off, to wit what would be done to him.
[5]¶ And the daughter of Pharaoh came downe to wash her selfe at the riuer, and her maydens walked along by the riuer side: and when shee saw the arke among the flags, she sent her maid to fetch it.
[6]And when she had opened it, she saw the childe: and beholde, the babe wept. And she had compassion on him, and said, This is one of the Hebrewes children.
[7]Then said his sister to Pharaohs daughter, Shall I goe, and call to thee a nurse of the Hebrew-women, that she may nurse the childe for thee?
[8]And Pharaohs daughter said to her, Goe: And the mayd went and called the childs mother.
[9]And Pharaohs daughter said vnto her, Take this child away, and nurse it for me, and I will giue thee thy wages. And the woman tooke the childe, and nursed it.
[10]And the childe grew, and shee brought him vnto Pharaohs daughter, and he became her sonne. And she called his name Moses: And she said, Because I drew him out of the water."

     This sort of love . . the love where a mother selflessly does what she must to keep her child safe. . .
    This strong devoted mother who gave her son away twice in order to keep him alive and safe . .
   This is one amazing Mama!!

Supper a la Matt

   Chicken and rice . . this was so yummy!! Perfectly cooked with love . .
I am soooooo spoiled!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

10,000 Step/Day Challenge 110%

I walked 11,051 steps today. .
A little bit of exercise!!
   Goodnight . .
     Zzzzzz. . .

Day 349/366

My Paid Workout Program ~ 99% and off work . .

I walked 9,978 steps so far today . .
Now onto my real life!!

My Paid Workout Program ~ 85% and an hour to go!!

I walked 8,575 steps so far today . .

My Paid Workout Program ~ 64% so far!!

I walked 6,485 steps and 2 1/2 hours of work still to go!!

Joy Dare * December 14, 2016

          3 gifts stamped ~*~

        ~*~ His love on my heart
         ~*~ Menards rebate
          ~*~ coupons!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

10,000 Step/Day Challenge ~ 74%

I walked 7,469 steps . .
Bookkeeping then running around cleaning . .
Sweet dreams and stay warm!!

My Hope Quilt Top

   So close to done . . .
      So far to go!!

Joy Dare ~ December 13, 2016

   3 gifts striped~~
     - radiator
       - lines on road
         - His back for my sins

"Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast . . "

1) sleeping in tents as true comfort
  2) sheets and blankets repel monsters
    3) floating on clouds and watching
     4) exhaustion breeds innovation
      5) 55*F is healthiest sleeping temperature
        6) pillows get lonely when left alone

10,000 Step/Day Challenge ~ 175%

    I walked 17,512 steps today . .
                 7.46 miles . .

           Sweet dreams, all!!!

W. Western Ave. @ Center St. 60435

2*F here

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My Paid Workout Program ~ 142% and Off Work!!

I walked 14,223 steps at work . .
  Now on to my life!!

My Paid Workout Program ~ 77% already!!

I walked 7,763 steps .. 

303 N. Center Street, Joliet, IL 60435

303 N. Center Street, Joliet, IL 60435

My Paid Workout Program ~*~ 14% already!!

I walked 1,470 steps and just getting started!!

"Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast . . "

  °1° true love

    °2° honesty

      °3° Mad Hatter is sane

         °4° magic beans

           °5° unschooling

             °6° power of research

Quilting, Praying, Looking Ahead . .

Monday, December 12, 2016

10,000 Step/Day Challenge ~ 95%

I walked 9,565 steps today . .
Goodnight, all!!

Zzzzzzzz . . .

Free Humidifier and a Warmer Room!!

    As winter pounds down upon us and looks to be a bad one we're all going to need to add humidity to our homes/apartments. Yes, there are countless humidifiers available in stores, but why would any sane person spend unnecessary money?
     A cheaper way is to fill a metal can/pan/bowl with water and sit it on your radiator or heat vent. When the heat comes on the water heats and evaporates making the room comfortable.
     An added "secret bonus"~ your room will feel 5-10* F warmer without having to turn up the heat!! This trick should actually allow you to turn the heat down, at least a little bit.

Center Street at Western Ave, Joliet, IL

   This was taken in the wee hours of the morning as I was awake with a toothache . .
   So peaceful outside and the winter air is crystal clear!!

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