Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hiking with Matt

This sweet boy is the reason I do everything I do and am willing to go through so much!
Finally my Matt is happy and content . . . that's all that matters.

Dellwood Park

Hiking Dellwood Park

Matt, my budding archeologist, checking nooks and crannies for caves, caverns and treasures.

Buell Ave., Joliet, IL 60435

Garlic Mustard

For a healthy organic salad or yummy cooked green!

Where is Your Elevator Going??!!!

Who is choosing the direction your life is going?
Your circumstances?

Pantry Surprise a la Matt!!

So yummy!
Matt cooked me an amazing supper yet again. He's turned into an electric fry pan wonder!
Here are the ingredients:
~ spicy Polish sausage, sliced
~ summer squash
~ diced fresh garlic
Fry the above until tender and cooked through
~ couscous
~ can of chilli
Simmer until done.

Burdock and Garlic Mustard

The stems of the Burdock make a rather nice wild celery and add a healthier organic veggie than farmed celery.

Hiking Dellwood Park!

Endless exploring keeps a mind active!!

Western Avenue Greenway, Joliet, IL 60435

Joliet, IL

Day 120/366

Pilcher Park

Crabapple tree by the pond.

Dellwood Park

There are amazing hills and rock features in this park! We haven't been hiking here in about ten (10) years so I had totally forgotten how beautiful this "secret" little area is.
I'm thinking this area was created when the railway was put in. It appears that the hillside was blasted out to allow a flat surface for the tracks. This blasting created unique vistas.

Joliet, IL 60435

Western Avenue Greenway

Pilcher Park

A simple field of marsh mallow . . . ?

Dellwood Park

A budding archeologist checking nooks and crannies in the rocky cliffs!!

Dellwood Park

We saw an awful lot of trash on these side trails. We'll definitely be bringing trash bags on our next hike!!

Dellwood Park

Local swimming hole . .

Day 120/366

Near West Joliet, IL 60435

Dellwood Park

Exploring with Matt . . .
Always an adventure!!

Western Avenue Greenway, Joliet, IL 60435

Day 120/366

Dellwood Park

Day 120/366

Old Joliet Prison

Day 120/366

Looking out over South Joliet towards Joliet Speedway Race Track . .

Cloudscaping over East Joliet, IL 60432

Entering Joliet City Limits . .

Ah, Shangri-la!!

A nice drive in the country to put it all onto perspective!!

Dellwood Park Dam ~ a Hydroelectric Possibility?!!

Hmmm . . .
If the dam were restored to working order. . .
Then this area could house the necessary mechanisms to generate hydroelectric!!
Imagine the possibility of Dellwood Park generating a portion of it's own power!!!

Dellwood Park

Under the old dam.
There has got to be some possible way to use this space . . .
Maybe a historical display of the grandeur from the days when this park had boating and carnival rides? The days when people came from Chicago by ferry . . .
I do often wonder what it would take to return this gem of a park to those glorious days of prosperity??!!!

Friday, April 29, 2016

My Pedometer App ~ My Day . . .

I walked 6,903 steps . .
Not nearly what I should be walking . .
But . .
Still a very busy day . .
Cleaning and bookkeeping . .
Hiking with Matt . . 
A really good day.

Western Avenue Greenway, Joliet, IL 60435

Western Avenue Greenway, Joliet, IL 60435

Joy Dare ~ April 2016

• 26th~ 3 gifts moving . . .
   * surprise visit
   * kind words
   * plan

• 27th~ 3 gifts "ugly beautiful" .  . .
   * giving up some things to have His peace
   * answers
   * truth

• 28th~ 3 gifts orange . . .
   * things not used
   * veggie cheese
   * patch stitched

• 29th~ 3 gifts in dirt . . .
   * privacy
   * prayer
   * resounding answers from Him!!!

Pilcher Park

This little group of trees is my favorite in the park!!

Pilcher Park

A bit of a bog . .

Pilcher Park

"Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast . . "

1) what looks to you as failure is simply me breaking free

2) people can make their kids behave at the laundromat

   3) It is possible to rehab Schmiegel.

4) there is a man who will love Matt and I "as is"

5) I will go a solid week with no allergy symptoms

  6) Middle Earth

Pilcher Park

Homestead Rain Garden

Mayapples and other flowers . .

Joliet's Historical Upper Bluff Cathedral Area

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