Monday, January 24, 2011

Just Enough for Breakfast

Good morning! Welcome to my snowy world!!
Have you ever thought about how much 'enough' is?
Is a dozen back-up eggs from the store enough? Could you be okay with whatever your hens lay each day? What if you were really hungry for French toast and it was so cold out your hens weren't laying? Could you be grateful for a bowl of cereal?
What about that man on the highway on ramp? How many mornings does he wake up craving French toast? Is he grateful for whatever the local shelter is serving?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Seeds for the Future

Okay, folks, Spring is just around the corner so it's time to drag out all the seeds you harvested/ had left over from last year. 
Thinking back, was your garden successful last year? The year before? Was the difference due to the planting method or the seeds you used? If you're like me, you are always reading up on the old, time tested methods of planting and trying those 'new' concepts out! 
Okay, so we're sorting our seed packets~ good vs compost. What's left? 
I know my corn (both varieties I planted) came up and produced well for a change. I know I have a few kernels left of each, but not enough to plant the next few years. Not really even enough for this year. I wonder if the unopened packets I have are the same varieties/ manufacturer? 
Sad to say, but I'm pretty sure all my seeds are hybrid and GMO. That means that I really absolutely have to replace all my seeds with heirloom non-hybrid non-GMO seeds in order to protect my future and the future of my family. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Where Do We Go From Here?

Hello there! Have you ever noticed how wrapped up in our own lives and troubles we can become? As the world as we know it collapses faster and faster, it seems to me we should each execute a plan to 'pay it forward'. 
What I'm thinking is that, if we each provide serious assistance to someone else, we can change the path we are on. 
What can you do to 'pay it forward'? 
Soon I will share my plan.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Snack for the Chickens

Good afternoon! Glad you stopped by. Did you bring any left-overs to feed to my feathered children? I try to keep one of their platters clean and ready to fill with scraps, peels and left-overs. It is so neat to watch them when they realize I have a platter of fresh munchies!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Breakfast

Good Morning!
Happy Sunday!
How are you this sunny morning? You're just in time for a country breakfast. This morning we're having fresh scrambled eggs with veggies, toast and coffee.
For today's veggies I included diced red bell pepper, onion cilantro and potato. I seasoned it with a little Sazon and Adobo.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Simple Things

It's so easy to let our lives get caught up in daily activities and the need to keep up with our neighbor's shopping habits, but is this really healthy?
When you look at your stress level compared to that of your grandparents, what so you see?
Yes, I realize my grandparents had some stress, but not like what I sometimes add to my own life.
This fact really hit home as I watched Mr McDoodle with his ham bone. He was so delighted over something so meaningless most.
In my life I must simplify. I must remove the overly dramatic people.
I have placed a stack of empty boxes by my front door. As I sort, deep clean and rearrange each room, I am removing anything that complicates my life.
It is truly amazing how little is left after this process is barely started in each room! Yes, for now all the rooms ate torn apart. So what?! I am deep cleaning and purging my life of stress and drama.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just Knowing My Bill Will be Low!

Hi! Welcome back. Come in and warm your feet by the fire.
Today was my lucky day! I was able to pick up a Jeep load of wood from a nice family on Joliet_Area_Freedom ( yahoo group). All this beautiful wood was piled in the back of my Jeep, along with some kindling.
We will be warm for quite a few days without the furnace kicking on very often. That means that Nicor gas will, once again, be getting very little of my hard warned money!
My gas bill for November, on a 1200 sq ft house, was $36.00!
How much was your November 2010 heating bill?
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