Monday, February 29, 2016

My Pedometer App . . . February Stats

I walked 45239 steps this month. . 
A good start.

My Pedometer App

I walked 5131 steps today. A day  of  bookkeeping meant I was sedentary until after work.

"Down My Rabbit Hole"

Good morning! How is your rabbit hole looking? Today mine is a day in my cubicle doing bookkeeping . . . I've lit a candle on my desk right next to my coffee (McDonald's because my coffee maker broke) . . . today I am praying for peace at my job and in the world . . . also for His guidance as Matt and I move forward. 

You may notice I changed the title from "Down the Rabbit Hole" to "Down My Rabbit Hole" . . . this is because we are each responsible for our own circumstances . . . if you don't like your rabbit hole, find a better one!!! 

Me? I am going to reread " Who Moved My Cheese" then get more serious (give up sleeping??) until my rabbit hole is to my liking . . . 

What about you??

Sunday, February 28, 2016

My Pedometer App

Today I walked 5445 steps . . .
A nice day off. .  
Simply being a mom, kicking back and enjoying my son . . .

Twisted Crazy Quilt

A few more patches . . .
Watched~ "Independence Day", " I, Robot " . . . and now, one of my favorites, "Pure Country"  . . .
Stitching slowly as Matt and I chat . . .
Been praying all day and so feeling much better . . .
Prayers and tears stitched into every design . . . .

My Pedometer App . . . Last Week . .

I walked 34,663 steps last week!!
Not too shabby for having the flu and only a half a week on the app!!!!
What was your reading??
Let's see what this week looks like in comparison. . .

1000 Marble Challenge~ Weeks 122-126

Five (5) more marbles into the jar for good weeks . . .
Matt says, "It's been amazing weeks:
~ we had fun, worked on the trailer, watched movies and hung out as friends."
I must add switching him from Joliet  Township Central High School to private school has eased his stress immeasurably. We  are also looking into getting him an ADA service dog to act as emotional support. This is both a necessity and a fun topic.
Here's to another great week ahead!!

Day 60/366

Day 60/366

"Down the Rabbit Hole" . . My Day Off

Well, hello there! And how is your morning?
Me? I woke worried . .. smh . . . have to stop that!
And so . .? I said a few prayers, gave concerns to God and diverted that wasted worry-energy to cleaning the house . . . a load into my cute little washer and a few dishes washed . . . 
I also spent some time looking at the  Google map of the I and M Canal Trail from the Joliet Ironworks site to Legacy Paintball Park . . Matt and I like to explore the Ironworks site and associated trails.  . . recently I've noticed increased vehicle traffic on the little road along the trail.  . I thought the road was for railroad employees only  . . . I am wondering . . . we have walked back to the area where the map shows the road ends, we just didn't pay attention to the road itself or anything off trail . . . over the winter we decided to begin our hikes and exploration at Legacy Paintball Park and work our way south towards Joliet Ironworks. .  from this end I also noticed a lot of traffic on a road that, according to the map, goes nowhere . . . ooooo! A mystery!! There are a lot of trails in the area of the paintball park as that is part of Lockport Forest Preserve . . . I know there are also REALLY kool old buildings back in there as I took my Grandma (Ruth Rowley) for a drive back there in 1996.  . we saw a lot of men fishing in the ponds and some buildings I'd love to explore  . . . hmmm .  . . sounds like Matt and I have a lot of hikes ahead of us this summer!! 

Beyond exploring that, this morning I was thinking about hiking the Purple Trail in Pilcher Park and, although we may visit it, I think we need to move on . . . we need to finish the Wauponsee Glacial Trail (hopefully this summer) as that exploration as lingered on far to long . . . we had intended to finish that hike then do an overnight camp out at the Kankakee River  . . . this trail being completely explored is imperative, as well as the celebratory camp out. . . . this trail, running from Washington St in Joliet to the south bank of the Kankakee River, I believe (if my old brain recalls correctly) that this trail is 18.8 total miles of very interesting scenery, passing homes, farms, Joliet racetrack and lots of beautiful woods and creeks!! 

 Last fall we began exploring the I and M Canal Trail from Brandon Rd. heading west. . . that exploration is barely begun and was quite interesting . . . I'd wondered for years what was behind the buildings on the north side of Rt 6 . . we are beginning to find out . . . 

And, as we hike and explore, we notice wild edibles along the way . . wild edibles are another topic we began to study years ago . . we've gained a lot of good knowledge and some havrvesting/cooking experience . . . we also noticed the marked improvement in our overall health when eating from foraging . . . something to note as GMOs take over our grocery shelves and even the vegetable seeds available to plant . . 

We will definitely have many pictures to post and a far better working knowledge of the interconnected trails system here by the end of summer this year. . . 
I am also still very interested, maybe/actually way more interested, in how the "homeless" survive . . I think there are some tips and techniques only they know that I need to know. No, I am not intending to become homeless deliberately, however, like most, I am always one (1) paycheck away from that possibility . . . I like to find ways to live cheaply and Love camping, feel like the homeless have all the pertinent knowledge for living that peaceful life close to the earth and closer to God . . . rather than chase more money and more things they live simply . . . I know there are homeless still camped out in the area  . . . Matt and I are always on the lookout for their campsites . . .  he likes to blog about their plight . .  we enjoy sharing our bounty with them  . .  at one point we noticed several spots along the Desplains River near Ruby Street . . tiny tarp covered dwellings built into the riverbank . .  then these all disappeared . . . I've wondered where the inhabitants went and why? Seems like a peaceful setting and a nice life (if you can keep warm come winter!) . . .
If you had to live outdoors in your area year-round, would you know how to be comfortable? Where to find food to forage?
If you had to bug-out on foot right now, do you know your local trails well? Going how many different directions?
Might be a good time to look into sturdy shoes, binoculars and water bottles for our coming/continued adventures!!!

Twisted Crazy Quilt

A few patches pinned . . .
Some variegated vines stitched. .
Praying and wondering . . .
As we move ahead, I simply want, no Need, to feel safe . . .
But, Matt and I need to lead extraordinary lives . .
And that is the adventure that lays ahead!!!
Will you join us?!!

My Pedometer App . . .

I walked 7077 steps today . . .
This paints a very clear picture  . . .
A bit of deep cleaning in an apartment (that bathroom Shines now!!). . .
Then approximately six (6) hours of bookkeeping (sitting in my cubicle) . . .
Today was a blessing:
~ I had an amazing view from the apartment . ..
~ I found I can listen to 89.7 Shine.FM on my mp3 from some areas at work
~ I listened to my buddy chat about this and that (he's so sweet and is my Cheshire Cat)
~ I found that my resolve to live a better life moves me
~ it became readily apparent who does and doesn't care

Saturday, February 27, 2016

"Down the Rabbit Hole" . .

Happy Sabbath morning!!
How us your day shaping up? Mine is going well so far . . .
~ Mad Hatter was a sweetie this morning . . .
~ Cheshire Cat has yet to be seen. . . 
~ White Rabbit is quietly guiding me. . .
. . . . all is peaceful thus far and I am in a prime location to pray my day away . . .

Miss Juliet's Snood

A few stitches before work .  . only two (2) rows today as my fingers are cramping up. . .  aggravating when I can't simply do what I need to . . . 
And, once I finish this, I still have Miss Hannah Nsa's snood to create (she has requested multiple colors and I have a fun pattern idea) .  . 

"Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast" . .

  1• our life can stay this peaceful and blessed

2• we will be moved within two (2) weeks

  3• this house will sell quickly

4• I can sell my creations online and be successful

  5• the impossible is much more likely than the possible

    6• success isn't measured by the size of one's house or bank account, but by what one accomplishes for God

Friday, February 26, 2016

Prepping My War Room . . . .

As I sit quietly on our Sabbath Eve I am, once again (I did mention I'm "addicted" to this movie) watching "War Room" .   . . . and I have begun writing the first prayer . . . writing it out slowly, deliberately and from the depths of my heart . . .. So many things in life only God can fix and this prayer is for one of those  . . . . I am praying His Divine Will above all else . . . . and aligning my prayers carefully with His Word. . . . only He can fix this . . . and only if all parties are willing to lay down personal desires and fully focus on His plan!!

My Pedometer App . .

So far today I walked 15731 steps . . . very busy day at work as you can see!!
Now? I am at the house, showered and ready to quilt a bit before bed.  . . this is our Sabbath Eve so we are resting and reading our Bibles tonight . . . I may work on prayers to post in my war room in Shangri-la . . . we drove out to Shangri-la tonight and saw how seriously close we are to being able to move . . soooo exciting (I can't wait for water to be hooked up so I can deep clean)!!!!!!! Then we explored a bit~ such a beautiful location and not at all what I expected . .  have to clean out this house and get moved!!!!!!

Day 57/366

Western Ave at Hickory St.
Joliet, IL 60435

"Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast" . . .

1~  'doomed' relationships can be restored.

2~ God has a plan for my family at Shangri-la

3~ taking a leap of faith and leaving normal is really the best answer (following God's lead always is!)

4~ to help others find Christ while living separate from the unsaved is best

5~ we must seek the truth, even if it hurts

6~ Matt and I can run a successful home business from a camper

Down the Rabbit Hole. . .

Good morning!! Happy Friday . . .
How are things in your rabbit hole? Mine is peaceful so far~ I've even had a short jaunt outside :)
The Mad Hatter is home asleep, the Cheshire Cat and others are not about . . . simply quiet this far . . . 

Miss Juliet's Snood

A bit of knitting before work as I sit and contemplate plans for my war room . .  .

Planning My War Room

Yes, I've been watching this movie again . . . let's just call it my current addiction and move on, shall we?? This time I paused and rewound several times to take notes!! WooHoo!!!!!!!! Next I will need to write out my prayers and post in my war room . . . 
Hmmm . . . .  where to situate my war room? I am currently favoring my spot at our new kitchen table (the only closet in the camper is too tiny for me to crawl into) . . . . the wall by my side of the table is a good spot . . . and we have no visitors so it will be private . . .
There are some serious issues Matt and I both have to pray about so the next step is for us to each begin writing out our prayers .  . .
Watch out, devil because we're going to kick your ugly butt!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

My Pedometer App!!!

I walked 7888 steps so far today!!
This is so much better than yesterday . . . and yet, less than before my mini-stroke last April . . . I'm under-impressed but I know it will improve as we go back to hiking . .. also, different days bring different work assignments requiring different amounts of walking. Some days I'm running all over trying to keep multiple plates spinning while attempting to catch up on chores needing to be done daily, but not having been done for many days. Then, other days, I am the bookkeeper, sitting hours, sometimes days, at my desk. I guess it will all average out . . .
We shall see . . .

Down the Rabbit Hole . . .

Good morning! Sincerely hoping this weird flu bug hasn't hit you or your family!!
What's new in your rabbit hole??
Mine? Well, I hit McDonald's for a large Coke (to settle my stomach) and am off cleaning an apartment . . . not as bad a day as it sounds as I have my music and loads of uninterrupted prayer time!!
Be blessed and pray continually!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Quilting and Watching "War Room"

Good evening! How has your day been? Hopefully blessed.
As my evening comes to a close I m watching one of my current movie addictions (the other is "Not Easily Broken") and quilting quietly. My sweet Matt is in the shower so I have a few minutes of me time. Actually, in my single parent hemisphere, I have learned to have me time with Matt right beside me. Honestly, there are very few times he chooses to not sit right next to me, so I have to be able to take care of me with him close by.
Anyways, this is a really good movie and I still am working on my war room~ not on remembering to pray as much as setting up a physical spot to really concentrate on prayers. Honestly, even once I set up a spot to post my prayers, working as many hours as I do, I will probably continue to do most of my praying on the clock at work, while driving and laying in bed in the dark when I really should be sleeping.
How has your war room changed your prayer life?

Vitamin D3 Deficiency

What does vitamin D3 deficiency feel like? For me it is an incredible amount of pain in my bones.  . yes, in my bones of all places. . . 
I knew I was miserable . . knew I didn't feel well (I'm Really Really good at blocking out pain) and thought I was needing more protein in my diet . . but, no matter what I ate, I never felt better! 
Finally, I ended up with insurance (Obamacare forced me to finally reapply for a medical card) and went in for a checkup . . I mentioned to my new doctor how much my arms hurt at night. .  never the arm I was laying on, but the arm laying on top of me!! 
Right away she knew what was causing this . . she ran a quick test then put me on 50,000 EU of vitamin D3 a week for a month (taken in weekly doses) . . that's a lot of vitamin D3/ dose!! 
Almost immediately the pain began to subside . . . I found I wasn't so exhausted all the time from being awake all night in pain . . and my daily chores didn't cause excruciating pain any longer! 
Finally, I was me again. . .
After my follow-up visit a month later my doctor ran another test and advised me to take 8,000 EU/day. 
As often as possible I sit in the sun, even if only in my car on breaks and lunches at work. That little bit of sun trickling through the windshield adds an extra dose of a vitamin I absolutely must have . . . and, very soon, Matt and I will get back to hiking . . . that will be more time in the sun/more natural vitamin D3!!! 

Pedometer App!!!

I walked 3821 steps today .  . well, this is what I walked after I realized my favorite pedometer app was available for my ZTE Obsidian cell phone!!
The goal (from my doctor) is to walk 10,000 steps or four (4) miles/day. Based on this I think I did pretty well considering I still have that nasty flu. This is pretty much all the walking I'm going to be doing today as I'm home from work, showered and tucked safely into my comfy bed.
Do you have a favorite pedometer app? What is your daily goal?

" Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast"

1) that Jesus can love even me just as I am . . . 

2) that we can be saved by Grace alone

3) the number of people who do not understand salvation by grace is good, but that He also expects us to study His Divine Word to know how to fully please Him living holy lives

4) that, somewhere, there is a "mortal" man who will love me as I am for whom I am

5) that He wants the best for me and will always be there for me~ I can count on Him

6) that Matt and I can set our paths prayerfully and live our way

Down the Rabbit Hole . . today

Good morning! How are you? After a day home with the stomach flu . . . it was a day of hanging in a special rabbit hole filled with love and patience (my favorite rabbit hole) . . the Mad Hatter popped in for a bit and was rather enjoyable!
Today I am back in this rabbit hole . . . .
Looks to be a day of keeping to myself, prayer time, listening for His instruction .   . . 
What is your rabbit hole looking like?

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast" . . . .

A new practice I'd like to do daily, as taken from "Alice in Wonderland":

1~ being able to maintain a nice drivable car without a husband

2~ owning a house

3~ being blessed with enough excess to be able to share with the homeless regularly

4~ camping in a skirt without issues

5~ being able to find appropriate schooling for Matt

6~ being able to downsize from a 1200 sq ft house into a 30' camper in the middle of a forest preserve and have this change be a huge blessing

{I must admit some of these are things I've been told I'm not capable of, and so set forth to prove naysayers wrong}

Monday, February 22, 2016

Quilting and Guacamole!!

Ah, an evening at home . . . .

Down the Rabbit Hole . . .

Good morning! Welcome to my rabbit hole. . . jump on in!!
Today I am on my paid workout which is a blessing . . . this is time spent in my mobile war room . . .
Does God speak to you on different areas in your life when you are in specific locations/doing specific tasks? I have noticed that He addresses my prayer life and the results when I am cleaning toilets . . . yes, seriously! Maybe because this is a humbling chore . . . and because He has my undivided attention!!
And so, I am grateful for this chore. . .

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Quilting and Praying and Grateful

So many blessings. . .
Such a beautiful life has been laid out ahead of us. . .
As I quilt and Matt works on his testing . ..
I marvel at all He has done for us. . .
And I wonder at all that lays ahead . .
Asking Him how all that was plays into all that is to come . .
And what to do with what is left of my heart . . . . . ?

Twisted Crazy Quilt

Hello and welcome back!!
I wanted to take a quick minute and show you my progress so far . . .
This is where I am at after 119.25 hours of piecing and stitching . . . I am seeing that adding the artistic elements of buttons, lace and beads has measurably increased the time spent. The last crazy quilt of this same size (crib size) took just over 150 hours to Complete the quilt top. . . a HUGE difference in the amount of work and creativity required!! I am currently not even 25% finished so . . .
Have you found and new and fun techniques for your projects recently?

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Pantry Surprise~ Oatmeal a LA Matthew

Our first night in the camper and Matt made me oatmeal for supper . .
Yummy and sticks to the ribs so I'll feel full all night . . .

Day 51/366

Day 51/366

Twisted Crazy Quilt . .

A quiet Sabbath evening of prayer, Bible study, chatting with Matt and watching a movie . . .
We are blessed!!!

Down the Rabbit Hole . . .

Well, good morning and happy Sabbath day to you!! What is your Sabbath day looking like so far? Blessed, I hope :)
Well, Matt is getting ready for the church van to pick him up for Bible class and worship service. . . . a blessing!! And I am down my own rabbit hole. . so far my day looks to offer a lot of prayer time as I prep another apartment for a new move in!!
Have a blessed and peaceful Sabbath day, folks!! Please, leave me a comment as to what blessings your Sabbath day holds!!!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Jonah 1:1-3

As I sat down tonight (with "War Room" in my DVD player), I opened my NKJV Bible and came to an old church bulletin (8.17.2014) of a sermon by Randy Ruiz . . I noticed the note I made at the top, "Men have been looking so long at the great fish, they have failed to see the great God." I read these verses, not allowing myself this one time, to read further . . and I realized how this pertains to me. . . right now where I stand it would have been so easy to simply use my tax return to catch up bills and cover some bills through the next year, but I know this is not what God is calling me to do! He is calling me to move, to go to a new community and touch new lives. This is why He opened the door for us to be offered our new home in Shangri-La. He nudged me daily until I finally called looking for a boat to buy~ God used that phone call to open amazing doors for us!! And the blessings just keep coming!!!!
Yes, it would have been less terrifying to stay here in a house I can't really afford, continually trying to find ways to make more money/live without things so critical bills (gas/water/electric) could be paid.
The known always seems better and safer, but it's not always what is best for us. Instead of staying in the apparent safety of the known, I chose to take a huge leap of faith and trust God, figuratively jumping from a high cliff and landing gently snug in the soft yet strong palm of His loving hand! And, by trusting Him enough to be obedient and jump, our lives have been blessed in ways words cannot express . .
Suffice it to say that His plan has brought a gentle peace to us both.

Day 50/366

The winds blew in some fun clouds  . . .
And I may have seen Dorothy and Toto fly by!!

More Cans for Matt!!

How nice!
Rr I fell down the rabbit hole to find three cases of empty cans for Matt's recycling business . . . it's so nice that he has people kind enough to help him this way .  .
Much thanks to you, whomever you are!!!
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