Monday, November 30, 2015

Countdown ~ Four Years of Not Cutting My Hair!!

Wow! It's really been four (4) years since I last cut my hair!! I must say it has definitely been worth it, even going through all the odd grow-out stages.
My hair, at the longest point, is now well below my tailbone when wet. In looking at this photo I can definitely see all the damage from when I used to color my hair . . a definite line of demarcation and extreme damage!! The new growth (hair not chemically treated is so shiny and healthy in comparison!! Quite a bit of the damaged chemically treated hair has broken off over the last few years so that, at one point I lost approximately three (3) inches of length in one week!! My under layer (along the nape of my neck), on the other hand, is all new growth, almost completely jet black and has cute curls . . Go figure!!
How are you doing with not cutting your hair?
How has this obedience blessed your life?

Sunday, November 29, 2015

My First Crazy Quilt ~ 3/4 Finished!!!

Praying. . .
Crying . . .
Quilting . . .

Not Cutting My Hair~ Long Hair Care

Hi! I will very soon post my yearly update on not cutting my hair. In the meantime here are the products I am currently using after my shower to keep it healthy.
1) African Pride Magical Gro . . I've been massaging dabs of this product line into my scalp since 1995~ great to use for healthier, stringer hair!! Makes it grow like a weed too. At first (first 10+ years) it broke out my scalp sooo badly, but the amazing rate of hair growth was worth it.
2) Queen Helene cholesterol ~ I sometimes add a bit if this to the Magical Gro. Too much makes my hair gunky feeling, so I use it very very sparingly.
3) Garnier Hydra Recharge conditioner ~ I never regret a Garnier product!! I use this conditioner as a leave-in.
4) Hawaiian Tropic dark tanning oil~ I use this as a leave-in conditioner, especially on days I intend to put my hair up. This product acts as a superior all day hot oil treatment!! I simply comb it through so all hair is fairly evenly saturated then put my hair up in a braid or bun. By the end of the day my hair has absorbed all the lovely coconut-smelling oil and is so amazingly soft and luxurious  . .

Ramblings from Our Homestead . . My Day Off . .

5-6 loads of laundry washed and hung to dry . . soup is ready and Matt is dishing up supper . . my first crazy quilt is about 3/4 finished (will post full-length pic later) . . Matt has done some more homework  . . time for more homework (4 more assignments to go!!), hot showers, quilting and movies . .
ahhhhh, love being home!!
Don't tell anyone, but, on my day off, I pretend I'm a stay-at-home-mom . . shhhh . .

Homemade Soup

Hey, how are you?!! Welcome back.
I've just put on a pot of homemade soup to simmer . .
* zucchini
* summer squash
* bratwurst
* onion bullion
* garlic bullion
* Spanish paprika
* home grown dehydrated tomatoes

Now to let it simmer slowly  . . . .
Supper will be soooooo yummy!!!
A great treat for a young man who's been hauling in firewood . .

Need Location on Laundry Fairy!!!

Okay, so the laundry fairy is still "missing", but I am seriously wondering . .
I remember back to a conversation with my friend, Donna, and that she mentioned her husband, Mark, stapled the laundry fairy to their basement ceiling . .
Now this was back when they still lived in Pittsburgh, so . .
I am wondering if they left her there . . ?

Ramblings from the Homestead. . . My Day Off . .

Busy-ish day . . 2 loads laundry hung indoors (poor people dryer) .  . . another load in the washer . . I did a bit of exploration into Matt's room (#autism) and found groceries and a lot of dirty laundry among other things  . . it was an interesting adventure  . . I have dry laundry to fold and my crazy quilt beckoning me . . meanwhile Matt will cook and help with assorted chores as well as catching up his own Bible study  . .
Busy-ish day . .

Wife Bible Study ~ 2 Samuel 11:3

Ah, this is a good Bible study for me for today  . . we have watched the movie of David sooooo many times!!
As I read I am noticing that, as in the movie, Bathsheba was bathing in such a way that she was visible from her window . . and so was she deliberately enticing whomever may see her? Wouldn't it be safe to presume there would be guards (at minimum) periodically walking along the roof of the king's castle who may catch a glimpse of her?
11:2 " . . and from the roof he saw a woman washing herself; and the woman was very beautify to look upon."

And then, when David send for her she lays with him??? She  is  a  married  woman!!! Why didn't she simply leave? Explain her love of and loyalty to her husband then go home?!!!
11:4" . . . and she came in unto him, and he lay with her . . "
My NKJV Bible refers, in Bible study notes, to 11:27 "But the thing that David had done displeased the Lord." And in chapter 12 God clearly lets David know He saw everything David did and the punishment will be great!!

Always always best to obey the Lord!!!

Ramblings from the Homestead . . My Day Off Work . .

Good morning!! Thought I'd share my day with you today . . what I'm up to and where (most of) my thoughts wander . .
awake around 8:00am as that's when the group across the street became loud enough I could hear them in my house  . . smh . . if I was a member of this particular group and attended all their very loud meetings I would feel differently, but right now I am looking forward to moving to a quieter area . . . maybe a member of their group will buy my homestead this spring? :)
meanwhile I've washed a few dishes and poured my coffee . . ahhhhh . . life is good!! Matt is still sound asleep as 14-year-olds love to sleep in and Sunday is the only day he has this luxury . . I have been noticing my lack of Bible study and that even my prayer life has been slacking this week . . I used to be in prayer almost 24/7 and that has somehow changed . . I can't say I'm deliberately not praying and reading my Bible, but I also can't say I'm deliberately making time to do it either  . . I get what the issue is and need to move on . . either I have faith in what God has put on my heart or I don't!! and I definitely do!! I remember Mary Cantu (such a heart for following Jesus) told me that God only gives a person visions of things they can handle right now; that one person may receive the vision while another person connected with it may not as they are not ready yet; keep the vision to yourself until you know for certain the other person knows also . . . and so I must quietly prepare for the amazing future He has for me . . not a future I would have dreamed of . . this future is so much better than anything I could have picked  . . . now i must be faithful to His plan, prepare my life
And Be Unwavering . . .
and so . . I need to do some Bible study then pray as I clean this house and quilt . . .
What vision has God given you for your future??

Saturday, November 28, 2015

My First Crazy Quilt

A few stitches before work while the coffee kicked in . .
A few sporadic stitches and patches added tonight  . . . 

Sabbath~_~ November 27-28, 2015

Basically sleepless night leading to a Lot of prayer . .
Bookkeeping all day at work and so thankful for yummy hot coffee  . .

Joy Dare *~* November 28, 2015

3 gifts in community. . .
* interesting Sabbath
* kind visitor
* shared interests

Letter to My Future Husband . .

I am still working on this although it was rough initially  . . . once I finally convinced myself I didn't have to write on a certain schedule, I was all good :-) . . I do write sporadically on random topics and from my heart . . and, although he may find he knows me well from reading my blog, my blog writing is often deliberately vague as a matter of self-protection  . . . the letter to my future husband has so much more depth . . . hoping he will find this a blessing!!

My Head Covering Journey ~ part 11

Good morning!!
Today I attempted to copy the second photo . . (I am in the photo wearing glasses) . . I am referring my search to 1 Corinthians 11:10-15 and wanting to walk my life in obedience to His Word . . .
I was looking up Cherokee head coverings and google added this photo in . . it's a really cute look so I'm going to try a few variations on it until I find one that works for me!!
This morning I pulled this (first photo) together from memory and with only two (2) bandanas so only two (2) colors  . . The bandanas are a bit small for this concept, but I am trying to work with what I have on hand. I am thinking, though, that I may be able to create this flirty layered look using some of my sewing fabric stash and a little creativity. . .
I'll post pics as I go . .

Day 332/365

Good morning!! I've been awake since 3:45am thanks to the "church" across the street having the P.A. system for their all-night event cranked so loud I could hear them
  in  my  house . . .
smh . . . caught up on news feeds on-line and facebook posts too, then started quilting. . . . time to dress for work . . . thank God for mega vitamins and strong coffee!!!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Day 330/365

Joy Dare ~_~ November 27, 2015

A gift handmade, held, happy  . . . 

:] close family

~_~ hugs

:0) home time

My First Crazy Quilt

Made huge progress on my day off!!!

My Morning . .

After a fight with the coffee maker (percolator stem broke), it was determined that it had decided not to make coffee this morning  . .
Already leaving house at 8:09am when I prefer to leave at 7:45am . .
Off to 7-11 for coffee and a bottle of water . .
Bridge up on Cass St . . .
15 minutes late for work . . . 

My Paid Work~Out Program!!

Bend . .
Stretch . .
Back in shape soon!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Day 329/365

Bob, as we've named our turkey, is cooking nicely . .
I had the oven set at 400*F for a bit, but have turned it down to 200*F for the remainder of the night  . .
By morning Bob will be tender and juicy!!!

Make Your Home a Haven Challenge ~_~ Day 34

A beautiful day on the homestead  . . .
Work over and home with my sweet son . .
Turkey in the oven . .
Stuffing is diced zucchini and summer squash with breading and crispy onions . .
Baking slowly all night . .
Sleeping to the aroma of love . .
Christian music wafting down the hall . .
Family time . . . . . .

Joy Dare =_= November 2015

24th~ 3 gifts humble . . .
:) quiet
:) service to others
:) prayer and thanksgiving

25th~ 3 gifts ugly-beautiful  . . .
(: work
:] turkey still frozen (put it in fridge Monday)
@_@ waiting and praying . . . .

My First Crazy Quilt

Quilting and praying  . .
I wanted to start laying out the embroidery design for my next quilt top  . .
I realized my embroidery and counted cross stitch patterns are all buried under my fabric stash!!!
I know almost inch-by-inch how I'm going to stitch that special quilt top  . . .
It will have to wait a while . .
There is time yet . .
Meanwhile  . .
I found more pretty fabric for my crazy quilt!!!

My Paid Work~Out Program!!

Good morning!!
After a truly yummy supper at church last night I need this workout  . . .

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Updated My List a Bit: Karen Deanna Joyce (Cozieluv) on Day Zero

Hey there!! Welcome back . . I finally took some time to update this list  . . it's fun to look at my list and actually be able to see progress being made!! There are still more updates to add, but here is a quick peek of updates I made today:

My First Crazy Quilt

A few stitches and prayers before work . . . .

Miss Lori's Snood #4

A bit more done . .

My Paid Work~Out

Time to move those muscles . .

Monday, November 23, 2015

Day 327/365

A breakfast burrito (Matt's fav) and he's off to school . .
Swedish tea rings wait for tomorrow night's supper, quietly taunting us . . .
The snow on my humble homestead looks pretty from the warmth of my kitchen  . . .

Free Heat!!

A roasty~toasty winter is available to all who have a wood stove . .
It is 25*F outside yet 63*F in my home . .
The furnace hasn't been on since I woke up and added more wood to the fire . .
Firewood is free if you know where to look and are diligent  . .
Therefore a warm winter is available for free . . .

1000 Marble Challenge *'* Weeks 111-112

Another two (2) weeks of marbles done . .
And both into the blue vase . . .
Despite me increasing pressure to help at home, be respectful and keep up grades Matt has deemed the last two (2) weeks well spent . .
He says:
"Because we got a lot done and we did it with fun and style!"
And so it is with a great teen . . .

Joy Dare •~• November 23, 2015

3 gifts only in Christ  . .
:) perseverance
:-) salvation and the peace it brings
:-] Holy Ghost gently guiding my footsteps

My Paid Work~Out Program

My paid work~outs for this week begin!!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Make Your Home a Haven Challenge +_+ Day 33

A wonderful day at home . . I do cherish my days off . . We cleaned, cooked, baked,  were silly and just plain had a blessed day!!
And now? Well, bedtime is upon us . . maybe a bit more quilting while Matt does a bit more homework then off to lullaby land!!!

Swedish Tea Rings

Wow! These turned out beautifully!! That may be partly because the yeast for this batch processed better. Regardless, these sure look and smell "delicious"!!
On the right is the tea ring with vanilla curd and pecan bits. On the left is the tea ring with cherry pie filling and shredded coconut.
My house smells like heaven right now!! This is almost as good as when I cook turkey all night for thanksgiving!!
For coffee cake icing for these two (2) I improvised a bit as I have absolutely no idea how to make diabetic coffee cake icing. In my pantry I had stashed a bottle of sugar free caramel syrup so I combined that with some stevia and heated slowly. It wasn't a desirable consistency so I have to admit I added about three (3) tablespoons of confectioners sugar. This will slightly elevate the amount of sugar per serving, but hopefully not by much. On top of each I sprinkled corresponding nuts, then covered the pans.
I am ready for Tuesday night and our church pre~thanksgiving feast!!
See you there!!!

Swedish Tea Rings

My fourth and final tea ring is rolled up and in the oven!!
*embarrassing happy dance*
The fourth tea ring was also made with our diabetic church members and visitors in mind. The dough was made with stevia vs sugar. The filling is butter, cherry pie filling and coconut. The sugar in the pie filling should equal out to about 9 grams/serving.
My sweet Matt is doing up some dishes for me~ I thank God for such a sweet son!
Now, as these bake, I can gaze at my fire, prep work clothes for tomorrow and say a few prayers  . . .

Swedish Tea Rings

My fourth and final tea ring is rolled up and in the oven!!
*embarrassing happy dance*
The fourth tea ring was also made with our diabetic church members and visitors in mind. The dough was made with stevia vs sugar. The filling is butter, cherry pie filling and coconut. The sugar in the pie filling should equal out to about 9 grams/serving.
My sweet Matt is doing up some dishes for me~ I thank God for such a sweet son!
Now, as these bake, I can gaze at my fire, prep work clothes for tomorrow and say a few prayers  . . .
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