Monday, December 7, 2015

SHTF and Compost Toilets

Imagine it all coming to an end . .
Iran finally follows through and sets off an EMP over the U.S.  . .
No gas, water, electric  . .
Your toilet won't flush . .
What will you do?

Have you considered compost toilets as an option?
A simple bucket that you personally find comfortable to sit on (test a few) and you're almost ready . .
This photo is of a cat littler bucket with a nice hinged lid . . (the cat litter was used up years ago) . . the shape makes a fairly comfy, although short, potty . .
Set a roll of toilet paper next to it . .
then add a bucket of saw dust, dirt or ashes ~ to be sprinkled over your waste each time you use the compost toilet . .
Will your family adapt well to this or should you begin transition now?
Many families (living on boats, in RVs) already use compost toilets every day.
What about your family?

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