Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cloudscaping over Lockport, IL

Good to be Home!!

As we settle in the coyotes are in rare form creating quite a ruckus nearby!!
It's fun to live here in the forest and experience nature. . . . I love watching Matt enjoy it all!!!

Joy Dare ~ March 31, 2016

A gift heard, a gift held, a gift hoped for . . .

  * morning sillies and teasing

* time in my car in the rain to relax

* His Will

Lunch in My Car with a Book in the Rain!!

Reading "Cavedweller" and on page #103 without any mention of a cave yet.
Enjoying time to myself in my car in the pouring rain with a good book!!

Cloudscaping over Joliet's Union Station

Boy of eight held at Paris airport for more than a week

I admit I am shocked and horrified that a child could be treated this way~ by his mother and by the French government .  . .
And yet, as I contemplate the world as it is, I have to ask:
If any of us were in a living situation undesirable or unsafe for our child, would we do the same thing? Would the many risks of putting an eight-year-old child on a plane alone to fly to another country (and possibly fend for himself once there) outweigh the risks of not making this attempt at a better life for him??!
And, as far as the handling by the French government? The way the boy was dealt with was way too harsh and surely caused trauma. There needs to be a softer way to house the children until they can be sent home.
What do you think? Climate Model Predicts West Antarctic Ice Sheet Could Melt Rapidly

Personally, I find this interesting. We've known for years that coastal communities were vulnerable and would eventually be underwater. Therefore most people should already have relocated inland.
Now, as the time frame is being readjusted, and it's becoming more obvious that scientists are unable to accurately predict when this sea level rise will occur, coastal areas need to be carefully managed. The possibility that all residents should relocate inland needs to be considered.
Maybe areas potentially affected by this drastic sea level rise could become recreational areas only. Allow permanent residency of only park employees and keep close track of visitors so emergency evacuation can be done quickly and accurately.
Just a thought . .
Or do we just allow these areas to remain overpopulated risking the lives of millions?
What do you think?

From The New York Times:

Climate Model Predicts West Antarctic Ice Sheet Could Melt Rapidly

The computer program, which accurately modeled past sea levels for the first time, predicts up to three feet of sea level rise from Antarctica by 2100.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Joy Dare ~ March 30, 2016

3 gifts uncovered . . .

∆ a better plan

∆ options

∆ peace

My Pedometer App ~ My Week So Far . . .

I walked 24,820 steps so far . . .
Only 10.57 miles . . .
For some reason this has been a super low impact week . . .
Odd . . .

Parkway Daffodil Explosion!!

Ready to greet prospective buyers!!

Pantry Surprise~ Seasoned Chicken a la Matthew

This is Matthew, my amazing personal chef!
Tonight he is making piernas sazonadas (seasoned chicken drumsticks) with potatoes, garlic and his secret ingredients.
As usual, I am very spoiled!!!

Ah, Lunch!!!

Happiness is . . .
Peanut butter and bananas on raisin bread!!

Joy Dare * March 29, 2016

3 gifts of His promises . . .

:) salvation

•=• safety in His arms

:] peace of mind

2 Chronicles 6:1-37

Hmmm . . . .
       I am simply reading and don't have a study Bible with me . . .
       as I read I am seeing that we are to pray towards Jerusalem!
       I've never heard this before and wonder how this can have been missed . . . ?

Quilting and Thinking . . .

So many options as I move forward . . .

Pantry Surprise ~ Salad a la Matthew

Fresh salad with chicken and blue cheese dressing!!
I am so spoiled by my personal chef!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Prayers for a Peaceful Homestead

May your homestead be peaceful also!!

Day 89/366

Cloudscaping over Joliet, IL

Day 89/366

Prayers and Blessings . . .

From our homestead to yours!!

Sail Away . . .?

My Pedometer App ~ thinking ahead . . .

I walked 3,006 steps so far . .
Two hours on the clock and getting a bit of exercise in!
I wanted to share my thoughts . .
I've been thinking ahead . . .
I need a solid plan B . . .
You know, that plan for if the bottom falls out of your life!
       If there were a sudden disaster, death, or the place you work (or live) were sold, what would you do?
I always have a myriad of ideas running through my head as well as some fairly solid plans . . . plans can be fun, like all day daydreams while gazing at clouds . . .
Daydreams are fun, but being prepared helps me sleep nights! I have noticed that, since we've moved and feel so comfortable in our new home, we are no longer prepping. . . not good!! We absolutely can't allow ourselves to become so comfortable we stop moving forward.
I would like to see us buy our own used RV yet continue living at our current location for 1-2 years. This would allow ample time to upgrade and customize to our heart's content while saving money for our future adventures.
What is your plan B??

"Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast. . . ."

1 ~ it is fully possible to homestead an RV or boat

2 ~ sometimes AWOL is the only option

3 ~ naps

4 ~ fairies

5 ~ trolls

6 ~ princes 

Twisted Crazy Quilt

Chevron Stitch.  .
Done with three (3) colors   . . .
• Two (2) colors embroidery floss . . .
• One (1) color metallic thread. . . .

Twisted Crazy Quilt

Trying a double-laced backstitch!!

Monday, March 28, 2016

My Pedometer App

I walked 250,547 steps so far this month!!
That's 106.76 miles!!!
No wonder I'm tired.
This is looking like it may be my normal . . . .
And hiking season is beginning . . .
So we will add more steps on the myriad of trails . . .

My Pedometer App ~ Off Work!!

I walked 11,460 steps at work . . .
Now  . . .
Laundromat time!!!!

Joy Dare * March 28, 2016

3 gifts entwined . . .

* paths

* hearts

* prayers

Twisted Crazy Quilt!!

At 250.25 hours work invested this is what I have.
I have so many hours stitching to go before this quilt top is finished.

Day 88/366



Pantry Surprise ~ Crock Pot Delight!!

Hot supper . . .
In crock pot:

• 6 Kielbasa . .
• 2 large potatoes, cut up
• can chipolte corn
• can peas and carrots
• can sauerkraut
• turmeric to taste
• cube onion bullion
• water to cover

Cook until kielbasa is done and potatoes are tender. I cooked mine on "high" for about four (4) hours.
Sooo  Yummy!!!

My Cute Little Kitchen!!

I am slowly getting it organized figuring out what we do/don't need. I am definitely having fun settling in at our new mobile homestead!!

Down My Rabbit Hole. .

I walked 3,555 steps so far today . .
A busy morning . . .
Thinking I may burn a few calories today!!
The Mad Hatter is off at the library studying . . .
He is contemplating owning his own business. :)
The Cheshire Cat is chatty . . .
The others are a blessing of quiet. . . 
Hope your rabbit hole is all you need it to be today!!

Biology Test!!

Matthew studying for his Biology test . . .

Spring Returns to the Old Homestead

Soon this homestead will be full of blooming flowers!!!

Prayer Candles for Bathrooms too . .

Fresh, clean bathroom and a candle to remind us to pray . . .

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Prayers and Hugs . . .

From our homestead to yours!

Joy Dare ° March 27, 2016

3 gifts redeemed . . .

• a true friend who cares

• salvation

• patience

Monopoly, Anyone?!!

It is almost monopoly marathon time on the homestead. Matt's been wanting this for a while, so I broke down and bought us a set.
This so brings back childhood memories of playing this with my cousins.
Good times!!

Miss Juliet's Snood

Today I added four (4) more rows. I realize that will only make my sore swollen knuckles hurt more, but I so need to finish this project!! I measured it and think 4-6 more rows should finish it! Yea!!! There is actually a possibility of that this month.

Settling into Our New Home. .

Each corner has a purpose . . .
Everything has to be tidy!!

My Pedometer App ~ Last Week . .

I walked 64,175 steps . .
That's 27.34 miles!!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

My Pedometer App . . Sabbath Day . . .

I walked 16,800 steps today . . .
Now to sleep . . .
Good night, all .  .

Pantry Surprise~ Canned Pork Wonder!!

Tonight's supper. . .
Oh, so yum!!
When I got home Matt had potatoes and green peppers simmering in the electric fry pan .  . . 
After our quick two (2) mile hike/exploration adventure I added a can of pork (solid government issued variety) and half a jar of gravy . .
Then we let it simmer a while longer . . .
Matt served our feast on a slice of bread   . .
We blessed our food . . .
And were grateful . . .
Not everyone had a hot, home cooked supper tonight.

My Pedometer App . . .

I walked 11,921 steps at work . . .
Now it's Mommy-Matthew time!!!

Joy Dare ~ March 26, 2016

3 gifts almost gone . . .

* An unexpected sweet surprise

* Cute golden wisps

* My feisty one

"Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast. . ."

   1) fairytale endings are possible

  2) true happiness is found in simple things

3) even the thinnest bed sheet can protect you from the worst monsters

4) freedom

  5) it's much safer outside the box

   6) a hug can fix any hurt

Joy Dare ~ March 24, 2016

3 gifts spoken . . .

:)  shared confidences

:*)  Matt's, "I love you"

=^]  "Karen, you have bookkeeping today" (paraphrased)

My Pedometer App ~ a Visible Rhythm

I walked 218,350 steps thus far . .
Do you see the rhythm to it?
There's almost a repeating cycle . . .
Hmmmmm . .

De-Clutter ~ 500 Things in 14 Days. . .

Hello there!!
How are you doing with this challenge?
Still sorting and eliminating clutter?
Over the last few days we have sorted out more to throw away and donate . .
Tonight, at the laundromat, I threw away more excess . . .
So many items had been used long past their actual usefulness!!

Then, outside the laundromat, I ran into a sweet man who pops into the laundromat to watch TV . .
He had his grocery cart with a few empty black trash bags in it . . .
Quietly I led him to our trunk and blessed him with as many empty aluminum cans as he was willing to accept. . . .
He wouldn't take all the cans (he really wanted to get inside to watch TV) . . .
It was heartwarming to hear him singing as he helped me pull cans out of my trunk . .

Between what we eliminated at the house . . .
Old clothes and bedding I threw away at the laundromat . . .
And all those cans . . .

We added 214 additional items to our tally!!
2189+214=2403 items eliminated . . .
So far!!!
And we're still not done!!
Stay tuned!!!!!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Day 85/366

Soft candlelight to warm the bedroom .  .
Prayers for our family and friends.

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