Tuesday, May 31, 2016

His Perfect Majesty Displayed in the Clouds!

Day 153/366

Monday, May 30, 2016

Joy Dare * May 30, 2016

3 gifts blue . . 

@ crazy bad toothaches
@ info (though not what I wanted to hear)
@ water

Joy Dare •~• May 2016

27th~ 3 gifts found in church . .
• worship
• praise
• teaching

28th~ 3 gifts in today's work . . .
# new AC
# quiet
# bookkeeping caught up

29th~ a gifts at 8am, 12pm and 8pm . .
@8am . . sleeping in
@12pm . . cleaning house together
@8pm . . supper eaten peacefully

Ready for Morning!!

Counter is clean and straightened . .
Coffee maker is set up . .  
Ready for a busy day!


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Day 150/366

Best Friends!!!

My Pedometer App

I walked 1,582 steps. . .
We got crazy amounts of stuff done today, but my phone wasn't always on me so not all steps were registered . . 
A wonderful restful day at home . . .
Enjoyed the extra time for family. . .

Pantry Surprise a la Karen ~ Veal Cutlets and Veggies!

Tonight's supper:

White potatoes
Summer squash
Veal cutlet
Olive oil
Caramel chilli butter

Dice veggies and simmer in olive oil and caramel chilli butter with veal cutlets laying on top. After 10 minutes, flip the cutlets and pile veggies on top. Continue simmering until veggies are tender and cutlets are lightly browned.
Serve hot . .
Enjoy praise from your family.

Pantry Surprise ~ Farmer's Omelettes a la Matt

Today Matt made yummy farmer's omelettes!!
Summer squash
Flax seed
Shredded mozzarella cheese
4 eggs

He simmered diced veggies 20 minutes @ 250*F in olive oil in our electric fry pan. Then he  added the eggs and simmered 5 minutes @ 300*F.

My Pedometer App ~~ last week

I walked 23,151 steps . . .
Somehow my life involves less and less walking . . .
SMH . .
This will be addressed . .
Meanwhile, I've found a way to log my steps walked on my Walgreen's account and get points!! Unfortunately this amazing app does not work (yet) with Walgreen's program so I have to enter my daily step count manually. It's sort if a pain, but I like the 20 points I receive for each entry!!

Mistakes . . .

Some mistakes, like stitches done wrong, can be quickly fixed . .
Simply rip it out and start over.
But others  . .
Well, other mistakes affect hearts . . .
These are not so easily fixed. . . 
Forgiveness does not always come easily . . .
While you can carefully pull out stitches to get back to the error, thereby erasing it,
It is not possible to make other mistakes disappear . . .
Only time and prayer can bring the forgiveness and reconciliation needed.

NYTimes.com: "Pleading for Peace in Chicago Amid Fears of a Bloody Summer"

From The New York Times:

Pleading for Peace in Chicago Amid Fears of a Bloody Summer

Dreading the arrival of summer, historically the city’s most dangerous season, residents and leaders called for an end to the surging gun violence.


       As Chicago proceeds with their 'summer of faith' program for it's third year, I am seriously wondering what makes Rahm Emanuel think it will work?? I mean, seriously, if it worked homicides and shootings this year would already be below the rates from the last two (2) years, Right??!!
       Yes, Chicagoans need to have faith in God.  . . . but not in the mayor. His leadership has already shown that Chicago really was able to become more violent!
       And to say that, on such a historically violence ridden weekend, Chicagoans need to be out walking around their neighborhoods seems a negligent statement, IMHO. Is it really a responsible decision to suggest that citizens put themselves out on the streets where they can easily become victims of drive by shootings?
Imagine that you lived in a city where there was no way to know when/where the next shooting would take place . . . would you place your family out in your neighborhood as an easy target??
                     I wouldn't.
       And, I am seriously wondering about the statement that the police know who the gangbangers are, what they are doing and where they live . . . Can someone please explain to me how these thugs are still walking the streets if all this information is already documented???!!!
       Also, as a side question(s):
* what are the demographics of the victims?
* what are the demographics of the gangbangers?
* Chicago city government demographics?
* Chicago cops demographics?
* Chicago residents demographics?

       I don't know any of this information, but wonder quite a few things concerning a solid comparative chart of these particular statistics . . .
       What do YOU think???!

Home . .

A peaceful evening at home . .
Watching "The Longest Ride"  . . .
Random acts of housekeeping . . .
Long talks . . .

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Knitting and Praying. . .

       Home from work . . .
     Supper eaten . . .
   Watching "A Walk to Remember"  with Matt . . . 
  Beginning/ revisiting prayers I seriously need to concentrate on . . .
    His Will . .
     His timing . . . 
    Learning more about faith and perseverance when hope seems lost . . 
   Wondering . . .
      Does he know how much I care?
      Or that he has my heart?
      When will God pull this all together?
       What do I need to do to be more cooperative with His Will on our lives?
       Have to besiege heaven with my prayers on this oh, so important matter!!!

Attack of the Social Studies Book!!

Day 148/366

Clouds Blow by Like a Dream . .

Pretty Cloudscaping

Old Joliet Collins Street Men's Prison

"Unhappy campers: JBLM tells long-term residents to pull up stakes


Now this is insane!! The long-term residents if this military campground are members of the military. Some retired, some awaiting boot camp, some actively working for our government.
So . . .
Can someone please tell me how this group of people, who have formed a long-term peaceful community, have been told they have to move??!!!
They are not trying to sneak rights to own the spot where their RV or tent sits! They simply need a place to live while they serve us or transition to the next phase of their lives.
Is this really how the US wants to be known for treatment of our military personnel???!!!
What do you think???

Day 148/366

Good Morning and Happy Sabbath!!

Hope your day is prayerful and blessed!
I am starting my day on bookkeeping . . .
Always, everywhere, there is an opportunity to pray.
Today I am deliberately letting Him focus me . . focus my prayers . . .

Day 148/366

Spring rain on Joliet's Western Avenue Green Way.

Day 148/366

Pre-storm cloudscaping seen over Joliet, IL.

Downtown Joliet, IL

Head Coverings for Christian Women

       Recently I've found more information on Christian women's head coverings and wanted to share it with you. I have to mention that I am not currently covering . . not because I don't believe I need to as I know very well it's a necessity. I ran into problems with my head coverings and simply stopped wearing these. Not a good excuse. I have ideas for a better head covering (won't slip off so easily, cuter, not a copy of everyone else's . .). Finding this new (to me) information is (as He always is) Right on Time!!!
    So . . .
       Here are the related passages I've found:
     {Please share your thoughts}

Genesis 6:2 in my Old Scofield Reference Bible . .

       My "NIV Compact Dictionary of the Bible" explains the phrase 'sons of God' . . .

       1 Corinthians 11:10 from my "Companion Bible" . .
       this cool Bible offers some seriously in depth explanations of the verses. Note that, in speaking of Christian women's head coverings it refers to angels as the reason and sends us back to Genesis 6:2 where the angels were lusting after women . . the hair of the women is what attracted to angels  . . . 
       note that the angels 'took them wives' meaning the women were given no choice in this mating with fallen angels . . think rape . . 
       So the head covering is to protect us from fallen angels.
       Yes, I know this sounds a bit much and I understand your hesitation, but, upon studying the "Book of Enoch", a book eliminated from the Bible by man, not God, I have found there is much to learn.
       My suggestion to you ~> don't simply believe me. Look it all up for yourself. Use your best study Bible or head to Barnes and Noble or your local Christian bookstore and look this all up. Compare for yourself what these passages are saying. Find a solid pre-1611 Bible that includes the Apocrypha and begin reading all the books of the original Bible that men removed.
Know the truth for yourself . .  .
Then use this knew, more in depth information to be a truly correctly obedient  Christian!!!

Downtown Joliet, IL

Day 178/366

Looking over the St. John's neighborhood in Joliet and off towards Lockport, IL.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Day 148/366

The blessing if Shangri-la is that, just before I took this picture, I saw two (2) young bucks in a previous thicket.
Obviously gate keepers in training!!
Good to know they are still on duty.

St. John's Neighborhood, Joliet, IL 60435

Cloudscaping over Brigg Street, Lockport, IL 60441

Cloudscaping over Joliet, IL

Western Avenue Green Way, 60435

Joliet, IL 60435

Western Avenue Green Way

Joy Dare ~•~ May 26, 2016

A gift . .
      Worn. .
           White. .
               Whispered . . . .

~ patience

~ salvation

~ prayer

Joliet, IL

State Street, Fairmont, IL

Day 147/366

Day 147/366

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Opting out: Meet America's 'intentionally poor'


       As I sit here, unintentionally poor, I have to say there is quite a bit to be said in favor of cutting back expenses in favor of time and energy for what really matters. Matt and I are on a similar quest to cut our expenses to a bare minimum due to my health issues and his need for more attention due to his autism.
       A little over a year ago I had a mini stroke. Mini meaning I was fine once it was over.
But, for me, it was a major warning sign. It was brought on primarily by stress at work. And, although I have many avenues to reduce my stress, it still really affects me.
       A second stressor was/is not having enough income to support Matt and I. Because of the demands of parenting an ASD teen I am unable to get a better paying job. . . . and parenting a handicapped child is very expensive.
       So . .
       I have made a choice to live on way less money. This actually started out as a game Matt and I would play where we'd take a month and try to see how little money we would be able to live on after bills were paid. As a game it was fun! And it was fun to share our progress with others and challenge them to join us.
       Now, since the stroke, this game has become our life. I can not continue to push myself. I can't risk a full blown stuck in rehab for weeks stroke. My poor Matt would be lost without me and we'd be truly homeless (living in a tent hidden in the woods homeless) by the time I was released!! 
That not being an acceptable scenario we began to look at all the cheap options for housing. Fortunately this is a time of downsizing and tiny house movements across the world so information was ample. After serious research I settled on the option to live aboard a sailboat. As I began to look for our new live aboard home I was offered the option to live in a camper for next to nothing. I jumped at the opportunity and have not regretted it one bit!!
       Yes, we left a roomy two (2) bedroom house with living room, family room, eat in kitchen and pantry . . .
       But . .
       We have peace of mind in the camper.
       Yes, we have given away/thrown away almost everything we owned . . .
       It  was  just  s t u f f  . . .

       Our time together as a family is irreplaceable . . .
       Our health is irreplaceable . .
      We sleep more soundly . .
       We giggle more . . .
         We are healthier . . .
            We are free.

Day 147/366

Joy Dare • May 2016

   23rd~ 3 gifts found in community . . .
* smiles
* prayers
* ideas

   24th~ a gift in a plate, a pot, a package . .  
# meals
# fresh, hot coffee
# remembrance

   25th~ 3 gifts hard giving thanks for . . .
• bills
• status
• waiting

"I'm Considering Things that Begin with the Letter . ."


Count Dracula


Day 146/366

A stocked up fridge is a huge blessing!!

Cloudscaping over Lockport, IL 60441

Cloudscaping over Crest Hill, IL

Cloudscaping over Joliet, IL

Day 146/366

       Day . . .

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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