Saturday, August 27, 2016

Spools of Thread Collection at the Will County Fair

My Paid Workout Program ~ 124%

I walked 12,475 steps so far today . .
Off work and huge stomach ache almost all day . .
Time to rest a few.

Pokémon at the Will County Fair

70,000 Step/Week Challenge ~ 111% so far!!

I walked 78,342 steps so far this week .  .
That's 33+ miles . .

My Paid Workout Program ~ 71% already!!

I walked 7,152 steps so far today . .
Five (5) hours still to go at work . .

Antique Bottles at Will County fair

My Paid Workout Program ~ 8%

I walked 806 steps so far today . . .

Pretty Dolls at Will County Fair

She won 1st premium and grand champion!!

He won 2nd premium.

She won 3rd premium.

10,000 Step/Day Challenge ~ 177%

I walked 17,794 steps yesterday.
Now to sleep!!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Giant Pumpkins at Will County Fair

A Pretty Sampler Won 1st Premium

Very detailed with so much work put into it, no wonder it won!!

My Paid Workout Program ~ 1st shift over ~ 132%

I walked 13,270 steps so far today .. .
My day job is done ..
Now for my real life!!

Sheep at Will County Fair

After shearing ..

Before shearing . .

Matt's Future "Car"

Matt fell in love with this vehicle!
Wonder if it is or could be street legal?
   Time for him to begin his own small business (so he has income) and save money like crazy!! 

70,000 Step Challenge

I walked 56,712 steps so far this week .  .
I still need 13,288 to make my goal. .

10,000 Step Challenge~ 45% done!!

I walked 4,539 steps already today!!
It's been a hectic morning so I'm getting way ahead on my step count.
How's your 10,000 step/day challenge coming along?

Cattle at the Will County Fair

These are my favorite cattle .. 

So calm. ..
  A peaceful life . .
    Ready for a good night's sleep.

Now, This is a Nice Tractor!!

My Paid Workout Program~ 21% done already!!

I walked 2,166 steps so far today .. 
Looks like I may hit 100% well before I leave for the day . . .

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Day 238/366

Pretty goats at Will County Fair.  ..  we showed up as all the animals were settling in for the night.

Matthew 5:10

"I thought you might enjoy today's Verse of the Day from The Church of Jesus Christ app

Matthew 5:10
Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

God bless you!

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- Google Play Apps:"

      As always He sends the verse I need today! Isn't He truly beyond amazing?!?!?!?!

10,000 Step Challenge ~ yesterday

I walked 7,690 steps.
A day of bookkeeping has impact.
An evening at the Will County Fair helped offset a sedentary day.

A Pig's Life Looks Pretty Good!!

Hmmm, doesn't look too bad . . .
   Till you say "Bacon"!!

A Pig's Life Looks Pretty Good!!

Hmmm, doesn't look too bad . . .
   Till you say "Bacon"!!

Matt Loves Animals

When Matt is around animals he is a different guy. Still my sweet son, but the animals touch his heart and he opens up. It's like he becomes one with them, feeling and communicating there needs for them. This is truly amazing when he rarely communicates his own needs!!

Poultry Barn at Will County Fair

Friendly folks . .

This guy was loud (think attempting to take on another cock in a different cage), but also a true ham!!

Lots of winners here!!

He actually wanted me to take a second photo . .

I found a pidgie!!!
Actually a lot of pretty pidgies.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

2nd Premium on My Baby Gown!!

      This is a project I started years ago. It's been neglected in my craft bin waiting for me to make time for myself. This last winter I began to dig through my bin and resolved to finish all my old projects.
        It's good therapy to clear out the old making room for the new!!

1st Premium on My Crazy Quilt!!

       Wow!! This was my very first crazy quilt!! I am so excited/hyper/wound up!!!

"(Reuters) Quake brings down buildings in central Italy, at least 10 believed killed"

I thought you would be interested in the following: If you would like to receive news articles delivered to your email address, please subscribe at

       As I read through this article about a tragedy that hit a primarily unpopulated area yet still caused countless deaths and destroyed so many homes, I had to stop and think again about all the EQs we are way overdue for here in the USA. Living in Chicagoland, I am aware daily that the New Madrid fault line is long overdue for a major EQ and that the last major EQ was felt as far away as Boston, Massachusetts! That being said, it is a good time to thank God it hasn't hit here yet, and to begin getting better prepared.
          If a 9.0 EQ hit near you today would your home survive? What about your workplace? Your kid's school? Your parent's house?
       If an EQ broke dams and levy's north of you would the ensuing flood affect your family?
       Would you be prepared to help in this disaster?
        Would you be a victim?
      Would you be able to protect your family and possessions from looting and riots?
       How does your area handle power outages? Civil disagreements? Intense weather?
       A lot to think about.

Romans 8:28

"I thought you might enjoy today's Verse of the Day from The Church of Jesus Christ app

Romans 8:28
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

God bless you!

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       My week has been long, as in last week never ended but simply merged with this week . . . completely without my permission!! And last week (and the one before) were mega stressful . . . so, I have been overwhelmed, but trying to hang onto a song I love: "Thy Will be Done"
       I know the tough times we are going through right now are preparation for what's coming next. I know He has amazing things for Matt and I, but we have to be stronger and 110% more self-sufficient.
       These growing pains we are going through now are taking us to the next level in His Divine Plan for our small lives. This growth is absolutely necessary.
       Thy Will alone, Lord!!

10,000 Step Challenge ~ 168%

I walked 16,863 steps today.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Psalms 86:11

"I thought you might enjoy today's Verse of the Day from The Church of Jesus Christ app

Psalms 86:11
Teach me thy way, O Lord; I will walk in thy truth: unite my heart to fear thy name.

God bless you!

Download The Bible and Book of Mormon App, for free, from The Church of Jesus Christ!
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       As I read this verse I am reminded that I am not to be too attached to where I am now as this is not what He has planned for my future. I need to step back (been doing a lot of that lately), take a deep breath and remember I am a Child of God!! Stop looking at the mess swirling around me and look ahead to where He has planned to lead me next.
       Now that's a happy thought!!

My Paid Workout Program ~ 12% already. .

I walked 1,272 steps so far today . .

Monday, August 22, 2016

Water Crisis

       IMHO (in my humble opinion), after watching all that went on and what was and wasn't done to protect the Flint residents, and now watching it happen yet again, it is my belief that every American citizen should have their water privately tested then post those results publicly online. The same for soil tests.
       Even though it appears (to me) that these crisis are hitting those in poverty, we all need to understand that water supply areas do cross economic boundaries. For example, one water supply line could easily service impoverished and wealthy neighborhoods. Soil contamination works the same way. Contaminated soil has no rules as to where it should/shouldn't blow. A strong wind comes up and that parched summer earth is blown into every nearby neighborhood.
       Honestly it doesn't look like local or national governments care enough to do testing we can trust then openly release those findings to us. It's 100% up to American citizens at this point.
          If we want our kids safe and healthy we have to get facts, publicize it then go en mass to all city, county and state board meetings until action is taken.
       Together we can change this!!

10,000 Step Challenge ~ 195%

I walked 19,545 steps so far today . .
At my night job and pretty much (I hope) done walking for today. So glad I can sleep at this job!!

My Paid Workout Program~ day job done 183%

I walked 18,394 steps so far today. .

Day 235/366

Watching the house come down .. 
Approx 314 N. Pine Street, Joliet

Day 235/366

Went to my car to take a break and found a nearby house being torn down . . .

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