Thursday, July 8, 2010

Great Service at Old Fashioned Pancake House!

Thank you so much to Stephanie at Old Fashioned pancake House on Jefferson St. for the great service on Monday morning! We had company here from Toledo and so had a big group. She was on top of everything and kept my coffee cup full. 
The baby spilled my daughter's water all over the table and Stephanie was thrilled to help clean up! She was quick with more napkins and a smile. 
We all had such a good meal and excellent service. 
Thank you again Stephanie!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

An Invisible House?

Nice to see you again! 
This evening I am concentrating on pulling weeds in the parkway~ maybe the front 'yard', too. 
 I have the parkway all flowers with a few edibles so my house just sort of disappears. 
When I invite people over they have a really hard time finding our house. 
They drive right passed it!
 My thinking is that it is so much better to blend in right now. 
Not let people know who you really are or how much prepping you do. 
 An invisible house full of nondescript people will be more likely to be passed over.
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