Wednesday, January 20, 2016

De-Clutter: 500 Things in 14 Days~ Day 11

Okay, so we were at 351 items . . . I admit we are not consistently de-cluttering every day. There are days when our lives are simply too too busy to even consider sorting out this mess. Then there are days we do sort, but end up simply packing some items and repurposing others . . does repurposing count??
So, today I sorted parts of random areas and came up with 10 items to get rid of  . . three (3) were flat out trash and the other seven (7) were items we can donate! Donating Rocks!!! I also came up with two (2) items to repurpose as sewing material as well as numerous partial candles to be melted down (repurposed) into new candles . .
Matt sorted out parts of his room and came up with eighteen (18) items~ all trash (go figure in a teen male's bedroom!!).
We were up to 351 previously . .
351+10+18= 379
     379/500 is ok . .
   That leaves 121 items in order to make this goal . . . Hmmm . . .

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