Saturday, January 30, 2016

Loving this Blog Post: "The Rapture, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton And 50 Other Excuses People Use For Not Prepping"

Hi! I was over visiting The Economic Collapse Blog and wanted to share their post with you.
I think this may very well be something all of us preppers are thinking . . The excuses for not prepping are so many no list could possibly encompass them all. I'd like to share two (2) of my favorites and my perspective on each:

1) "I don't have enough money to prep"~~ this is ridiculous! In all actuality much of the prepping I've done was free!!!

a) go to the library/bookstore with paper and pen . . find books on gardening, foraging (wild medicine/edibles), crafts, dumpster diving, use of antique tools, woodworking, homesteading, ect . . . Put the knowledge in these books into practice in your daily life

b) start a garden (indoors or outside) . . at many places seed packets are $0.10/each so you need to pass up a couple sodas or a pack of cigarettes

c) join our game of keeping bills as low as possible (challenge your extended family!!)  . . let friends and family know you'd love to learn to use candles and oil lamps . . check grandma's attic/basement/garage [trust me, she's got oil lamps stashed somewhere]

2) "God will provide everything I need as we go through Tribulation, so prepping is not trusting in Him!"
Yeah, okay, that makes about as much sense as your grown child saying "I shouldn't worry about getting a degree or a job because that would mean I don't trust my parents to provide for me".
God has handed you all the information and resources you need to ensure that your family is well provided for. To not use all of this is a slap in His face!!!
Skip the vacation to the beach resort or the day trip to the amusement park.
Take them camping at a park you might need to use as a bug-out location.
Take them hiking with a challenge to see who can spot the most edible plants (in and out of season). While hiking discuss where each would put up a tent and why.
Staycation at home. Put up a tent out back and, weekly, have the kids take it down, move it across your property, and put it back up.
Build a fire pit out back and have family members join a campfire cooking challenge! 

Don't just sit there and and prepare to die.

Please, stop over and visit this blog. It's packed full of good information and perspective!

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