Monday, November 30, 2009

Dinner On a Wood Stove!

Wow! It is So nice to have a wood stove in our home! Not only do we have a heat that feels truly cozy, but we can also use it to cook without using the gas stove! It is comforting to know I can cook without paying the gas company. I can Cook anything on the wood stove and am planning to learn to use it for baking, also!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Homework & Hugs...

After a long day, Matt decided to pitch in on cleaning his room! Then he got a long hot bath and started his homework. He may get it all caught up yet!

Cleaning Matt's Closet...

So, I am now cleaning Matt's closet... Hauled everything out, swept and am trying to make it usable and not a source of drafts.
On the right side of the floor I have stacks of his personal blankets. This is the outside wall, so stacks of thick blankets were a no-brainer!
On the left side and center I placed throw rugs for insulation from the crawl space. The far left side is for balls that would be ruined if left out in the shed all winter. The center is for shoes and boots.

Life Hit Me in the Face!

Well, hello! Welcome back! Come in and sit a spell.
Today has been eventful already. And rough. Matt woke up early and ate an entire container of ice cream. We would have locked it up, but it was So disgusting, we didn't think he'd eat that much at once!
Well, I noticed that Matt had not picked up his room like I asked, so I pointed out that Santa won't bring presents if you don't take care of what you already have. His room is trashed and he doesn't tae care of his outside toys either. Santa's only willing to bring clothes and, maybe, ... ...
That's when he told me to move out and started punching Hard! It went on for a long time. At one point I thought I had a firm hold on him and would be able to talk to him until he calmed down, but I'm not strong enough!
I know I'll be sore tomorrow. The bathroom is trashed. And, since I tried to restrain him, I will probably get a visit from DCFS.
Did you ever Not have any support system? I seriously Need to just sit and cry.
He and I are good now. He calmed himself down. We all went on our hike.
What the heck do they expect me to do?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Matt's Sewing on Patches

Good morning!
As part of our practical living skills program I am having Matt sew on all patches he gets from now on.
It is so gratifying to see him using his "...always do your best.." Cub Scout attitude as he learns to sew!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Roasting Sunflower Seeds

Well, hello there! So nice of you to drop by! Pop off your shoes and grab a seat by the stove.
Tonight I am experimenting with the idea of 'chestnuts roasting on an open fire'.
I sorted through the seeds I harvested from the last of our sunflowers.
Then I rinsed the seeds thoroughly and placed them on aluminum foil on top of the stove.
A short while later, while knitting in the next room, I smelled fresh roasted nuts! What a wonderful smell!!!
I think we'll be planting a lot of sunflowers next spring!
Wonder how acorns would taste roasted like this?!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Stocking Up On Wood!

Good morning! With the weather turning colder, I am thinking more and more about winter heating options. A couple nights it has dropped to 30-32 degrees F! So far we have been toasty, but we need to think ahead.
We were given a load of firewood by our friends Chris & Bettie McCollum, but that wood is already gone. Dave came over to help candace with the baby, so she had him haul in firewood from the back of our lot. It's enough to get us through 1-2 months. Then we're in trouble!
I did finally turn on the furnace. The darn thing is on it's last legs so I set it at 50 degrees as a back-up only.
Chris says they have extra firewood they can share and Matt and I have been picking up wood in the cemetery and as we drive around.
I failed to properly prepare and now must really hustle. The saying is So true:
Those who fail to plan, plan to fail!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Early Morning Beauty

Matt and I went for a drive in Oakwood Cemetery this morning to scrounge fallen limbs for firewood.
Were we ever surprised to see such an elegant healthy buck wandering around munching vegetation! It is great to know there is still such amazing wildlife so close to home.
What a great way for Matt to start his school day! Watch for his blog about our adventure...

Oakwood's 'Tenant'

Oakwood Cemetery


Goings On

Hi! Welcome back! Take your shoes off and come sit by the fire.
Tonight we are very busy as usual. Matt is showered, laundry started and his bed is made up. He is in his room stalling on doing a math paper...
Candi is bathing Aiden and has already hung a load of diapers out on the line... wonder is she remembered to add salt?
I am cooking dinner, tending the fire and keeping everyone on track.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fresh Acorn Squash

What a yummy lunch this was!
I used a recipe my Grandma gave me:
Cut squash in half.
Scoop out seeds and pulp.
Cut back and forth across the inside of the squash.
Put butter and brown sugar (to taste) in scooped out area.
Microwave for 5 minutes on high.
Stir and eat.
(Be careful~ it's hot!)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Veggie Omlettes

There's something special about eating what you grow.
We picked fresh summer squash, potatoes and onions. Then we pealed and cut each up into the frying pan with our favorite cooking oil.
Once the veggies were tender, we added eggs and lots of cheese.
Veggie Party at the breakfast table!
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