Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Watching"Doctor Zhivago" and Thinking . .

As Matt and I have been doing the 500 in 14 Challenge we found our copy of this DVD, which we hadn't previously watched yet amazingly enough  . . . This movie is really good and I definitely want to watch it again, but it also left me wishing I could read the book . . I felt as though something was missing, like not all information was shown on screen.
Beyond that I also saw so many similarities between the times they lived through (barely lived) and the times we are headed into. Although this was a story of how the well to do survived, I took away a sense of hope for my household.
      I also gained a sense of urgency to be better prepared in case we seriously need to relocate out of town on a moments notice. I have vague ideas and theories but no real solid plan. . . So, in effect, I am planning to not survive . . Unacceptable. As I watch China implode and all other economies fall obediently in line behind her, I wait for our government to become even more controlling  . .
Time to pull the maps out again and rethink everything. Where would we go heading north, south, east, west? Where would we be safe? We don't have any close friends in nearby small towns . . and we are in a very cold climate here, so year-round in a campground or RV won't work  . . . This is a giant puzzle and Matt and I must find a happy answer to secure our safety as the world collapses into a long-term global depression. . . .
What about your family? What will you do???

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