Thursday, October 27, 2016

10,000 Step/Day Challenge 120%!!

I walked 12,084 steps today . . .
  Glad to see my pillow . .
      Goodnight, all!

God's Decision not Man's

"1611 KJV. Genesis 41:39-45
[39]And Pharaoh said vnto Ioseph, Forasmuch as God hath shewed thee all this, there is none so discreete and wise, as thou art:
[40]Thou shalt be ouer my house, and according vnto thy word shall all my people be ruled: only in the throne will I be greater then thou.
[41]And Pharaoh said vnto Ioseph, See, I haue set thee ouer all the land of Egypt.
[42]And Pharaoh tooke off his ring from his hand, & put it vpon Iosephs hand, and arayed him in vestures of fine linnen, and put a gold chaine about his necke.
[43]And he made him to ride in the second charet which he had: and they cried before him, Bow the knee: and he made him ruler ouer all the land of Egypt.
[44]And Pharaoh said vnto Ioseph, I am Pharaoh, and without thee shall no man lift vp his hand or foote, in all the land of Egypt.
[45]And Pharaoh called Iosephs name, Zaphnath-Paaneah, and he gaue him to wife Asenath the daughter of Poti-pherah, priest of On: and Ioseph went out ouer all the lande of Egypt."

       I love the story of Joseph more every time I read it. One simple reason~ no matter what evil others did to him God still continued to bless and use Him in mighty ways!

Day 301/366

Roasty-toasty homestead!!

Joy Dare ~ October 26, 2016

  3 gifts extravagant . .

  * His love and caring for my humble life
     * Matt's sweet smile
        * daily provisions

Double Threaded Backstitch

  Wow! I like how this stitch turned out this time ..  sort of like a braid!!
  I'm now at 49.5 total hours invested .. 

My Paid Workout Program ~ only 30%

I walked 3,040 steps so far today . .
Grrr .. 
   Disappointing number!

Temperature in My Car. . pt. 3

Hey! Break time so I'm checking temperatures. It's 50*F and overcast outside and about 53*F in the car. I forgot to add passive solar heat this morning so will do it now.
We'll see what effect this has by lunchtime!!

My Paid Workout Program ~ 10% already!!

I walked 1,085 steps so far today . .
Looks like a busy day ahead. .
  Take care and be blessed!!!

Closed Blanket Stitch

   Another new stitch!! Different yet basic. A little more done on Mom's quilt.
   This brings my work to 48 total hours invested. . . .

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

70,000 Step/Week Challenge 91% so far . .

I walked 36,598 steps so far this week. .
That's over 15 miles!!

10,000 Step/Day Challenge ~ 87%

I walked 8,756 steps today. . .
  See you in the morning!!

James W. Joyce Memorial Crazy Quilt

Hi! Sorry I haven't posted much today. My day was busy with planning our future and making sure to dot my T's and cross my I's!! But, seriously, I have a lot on my plate and absolutely must make sure all changes in every aspect of our lives work well with Matt's autism.
Last night and on my lunch and breaks today, I did work on this patch. I saw this stitch in a book at the library. I have no idea the name of the stitch and have embellished it with love knots for extra fun!
What do you think?
This patch brings my total hours invested to 47.25!!

Temperature in My Car . . pt. 2

Hi! Just a quick update as to my findings so far on comparison of temperature inside and outside my car. Yesterday morning I took this picture. It was 48*F both inside and outside my car at about 8:00am. This leads me to believe that an unoccupied car is the same temperature inside as the outside weather all night.
Last night we drove around a bit (an hour) with the heat on low then stopped at Bicentennial Park to play Pokémon. After sitting in the car (with the heat and engine off) over half an hour it was still 70*F in the car, but 56*F outside. I am wondering how long an occupied car retains heat overnight without running the engine? I do know that, the night Matt and I did the overnight adventure at Walmart, it was very warm and humid in the car in the morning (5:15am). How much does body heat and proper dress play in homeless surviving in vehicles over the winter?
Just now, as I entered my car on my break, I saw that it was 46*F, overcast and raining outside and only 52*F in the unoccupied car.
Hmmm ..  .
My next experiment will be adding passive solar heat to my car. We'll see what impact that has . .
Stay tuned!!!

My Paid Workout Program ~ 16% so far ..

I walked 1,675 steps so far today . .
Today I'm cleaning an apartment so may not get as many steps..
  I'll have to go play Pok√©mon tonight to catch up!!

"Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast . . "

1~ family ties
  2~ growth through adventure
   3~ restoration
  4~ His Will above all else
5~ power of prayer
6~ obedience to God brings blessings

Joy Dare ~ October 25th, 2016

                  3 gifts enjoying . . 

               * fun challenges
              * new beginnings
            * answered prayers

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