Saturday, August 27, 2016

Spools of Thread Collection at the Will County Fair

My Paid Workout Program ~ 124%

I walked 12,475 steps so far today . .
Off work and huge stomach ache almost all day . .
Time to rest a few.

Pokémon at the Will County Fair

70,000 Step/Week Challenge ~ 111% so far!!

I walked 78,342 steps so far this week .  .
That's 33+ miles . .

My Paid Workout Program ~ 71% already!!

I walked 7,152 steps so far today . .
Five (5) hours still to go at work . .

Antique Bottles at Will County fair

My Paid Workout Program ~ 8%

I walked 806 steps so far today . . .

Pretty Dolls at Will County Fair

She won 1st premium and grand champion!!

He won 2nd premium.

She won 3rd premium.

10,000 Step/Day Challenge ~ 177%

I walked 17,794 steps yesterday.
Now to sleep!!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Giant Pumpkins at Will County Fair

A Pretty Sampler Won 1st Premium

Very detailed with so much work put into it, no wonder it won!!

My Paid Workout Program ~ 1st shift over ~ 132%

I walked 13,270 steps so far today .. .
My day job is done ..
Now for my real life!!

Sheep at Will County Fair

After shearing ..

Before shearing . .

Matt's Future "Car"

Matt fell in love with this vehicle!
Wonder if it is or could be street legal?
   Time for him to begin his own small business (so he has income) and save money like crazy!! 

70,000 Step Challenge

I walked 56,712 steps so far this week .  .
I still need 13,288 to make my goal. .

10,000 Step Challenge~ 45% done!!

I walked 4,539 steps already today!!
It's been a hectic morning so I'm getting way ahead on my step count.
How's your 10,000 step/day challenge coming along?

Cattle at the Will County Fair

These are my favorite cattle .. 

So calm. ..
  A peaceful life . .
    Ready for a good night's sleep.

Now, This is a Nice Tractor!!

My Paid Workout Program~ 21% done already!!

I walked 2,166 steps so far today .. 
Looks like I may hit 100% well before I leave for the day . . .

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