Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My Paid Workout Program ~ 12% finished!!

I walked 1,240 steps so far today . .

Monday, September 26, 2016

Parting Ways . . Genesis 31:49

"1611 KJV. Genesis 31
[49]And Mizpah: for he said, The LORD watch betweene me and thee when we are absent one from another."

       Yes, there are times when people must part ways for one reason or another. At these times the separation should be pleasant. This can be difficult, I know.
       There are times when we wake up and realize people or situations we ended need to be revisited. But, for this to happen, mutual forgiveness and understanding may be needed. If the parting was on bad terms then, obviously, work must be done to reestablish the broken relationship. I think it takes longer to mend trust than to break it.
   A close walk with God can help.

Quilting and Praying and Thinking of You ..

       As I sit stitching I am praying/chatting with God about us . . where we were, where we are and where He wants us .. 
I need you with me . .
I must obey His Will. .


Joy Dare ~ September 25, 2016

   3 gifts finished . .

     • old plan
      ° Satan's hope
       • fear

1000 Marble Challenge ~ Weeks 149-155

"All seven (7) were good weeks because we had fun, we went to the movies, we hung out, we worked on cleaning out the house some more, we went swimming and we went to Grandma's."

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