Monday, October 2, 2017

Changes Coming!!

Hi! Welcome back and come on in . . take your shoes off and let's share a pot of coffee while we chat. I am planning some changes to my blog and want to give you a quick peek at what I'm thinking . . First, I am planning to move my blog again. Yes, again. Unfortunately. I used Blogger for so many years and many of you have watched me grow there, in my writing as well as my spiritual maturity. But . . it lacked things I needed . . I really wanted to be able to add videos . . and it was quite glitchy . . so I moved to Patreon . . and I've loved the new opportunities it has given me .. But . . I'm lacking reader feedback and I think that may be due to the paid posts . . to me it presents as a 'gimme money' blog and I don't want that! I need a site where I can see what my traffic looks like, engage my readers and get some discussions going, post videos periodically and have the opportunity to also make money from my writing. I feel WordPress is that site and will be working diligently this week to relocate. I will move all the posts from both blog sites to WordPress then add new posts from there. Don't worry!! I'll notify you way ahead so you don't miss anything.

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