Friday, January 22, 2016

When Exhaustion Looms

As I sit here contemplating my day I realize more and more the need to cut back . . I am simply pushing too hard and have too too much stress  . . Yesterday my chest was "tight" all afternoon and, although I was obviously concerned, I can't pay my bills if I miss work (we all know the doctor would've told me to slow down) so I had to  deal with it, ignore it and keep going  . . It was a day I didn't have time for more than a quick for (5) minute lunch in order to make time constraints  . . . I came home, showered and crawled into my bed grouchy and incapable of coherent conversation  . . My sweet Matt was so patient  . . As always he was a blessing to me :]
Yesterday reminded me even more clearly why I have to cut bills back as low as possible so I can reduce the pressure and stress . . I simply put, cannot have another stroke~ it's not an option . . I am so looking forward to selling the house (although I will miss it in some ways) and moving onto a boat  . . Going from a $709.00/ month mortgage to a $150/month dock fee will be outstanding!! Going from multiple bills (gas, water, sewer, electric, trash) to only electric will be another huge savings!!
We'll be able to afford to buy clothing, food .  .
As the world economies continue to plummet into a bottomless abyss, being able to live as cheaply as possible becomes more and more critical for survival . .
Matt and I intend to survive in style!!!

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