Friday, December 30, 2011

Coffee with a Peppermint Twist!

Good Morning! Welcome back to our humble homestead!
Would you like a cup of fresh hot coffee? How about coffee with a peppermint twist?
For a refreshing twist on your morning cup of java, drop a candy cane into the pot before you brew.
Then sit back and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with a friend!
The taste and aroma will astound you.

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Good Morning World!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Today I am weird...

Today I am weird... yup, weird... back and forth... letting really stupid stuff get to me... at my desk... why am I like this?
I woke happy/ content... Matt and I slept over at work... nice to hear his breathing nearby~ he slept on a cot next to my bed... somehow I always sleep more peacefully when he is near... maybe because he is special... maybe because co-sleeping was how we kept him breathing when he was a baby... I dunno...  

I think it has a lot to do with what I am trying to accomplish right now...
and that I am seriously Not Backing Down!
I am still making mistakes..
oh, yeah...
but, I am really trying hard to get this right!!!
This week is a prayerful/ fasting/ heavy Bible study week...
Please, God... I'm trying...
I can see that my life is about to change in a big way... and this change will be a HUGE blessing...
but, the waiting... the patience thing... is tough...
it's not a lack of faith...
more of a tantrum...
"I want it and I want it now!"
Wonder how God feels about my attitude... my me-isms?
probably the way I feel when Matt acts the same way...
so now to get right...
seriously~ am I going to act like I'm two-years-old all day?!
time to pray for a bit... more Bible study (of course!)...
and move on to concentrate on the needs of others...
John, who is sad with no family at Christmas...
Teri, who sent Del to tell me not to call for a few days...
Most Importantly...
What is His divine will for my day today?

Friday, December 23, 2011

Scouting Friends

Two wonderful friends enjoying the Christmas party~ one joining as a Tiger Cub Scout soon and one about to bridge into Boy Scouts.
The sweet faces of gentlemen who will be prepared to lead our country into the future!

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Dropping Off the Face of the Earth

Sometimes, for my own sanity, I simply drop off the face of the earth.
That means that I don't initiate contact with anyone. I don't make phone calls unless absolutely necessary. I do take (or return incoming calls), but share no personal info.
I do smile and say "good morning" to those I encounter, though. No need to be rude.
The reason for dropping off the face of the earth is two-fold.
First, it allows me to go back to just being me, more importantly being who He wants me to be, without worrying about what others are going to think, comment on, or spread about me.
Second, it gives me a chance to see who actually reaches out to me when I 'disappear'. This was not the original intent of dropping off the face of the earth, just an interesting by-product!
I have someone 'close' to me who actually told me repeatedly on the phone, "Don't feel like you need to call me back for a few days!" So... I simply quit calling her. And... she started to call me just to see what I was doing...
I have been slowly fading into the scenery over the last month or so... with one person/ group of people at a time... some have noticed... funny how this is such an accurate barometer!
Last night a 'friend' told me who I should marry... again... for the umpteenth time... regardless of what the Holy Spirit is telling me... best to fade away into the scenery... not discuss it...
sometimes it's nice to just share what the chickens are doing and leave it at that! 

Hey! What's in There?!

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Exploring a New Toy

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Hmmm... Veggie Tales...

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Matt's Career Arrow

All finished wrapping with embroidery floss and ready to mount on the plaque his den leader, Mr. White, is preparing!

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Aiden's Christmas

This is what Matt and I bought Aiden for Christmas this year... Candi says she likes Veggie Tales :) so Aiden will be getting a lot of solid Christian toys from us :)
God is So Very Good!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

If and When I Will be Obedient...

Good Morning!
How are you this blessed morning? Such a beautiful day!
I must say that I came to a realization how great my rebellion truly is... I was standing in my living room in front of my stereo last night listening to K-love and glanced over my shelf of Bibles and Bible study books...
there, on my shelf, was "Empowered for the Call" by Dr. Tim Bagwell...
I found myself thinking, "who gave me this? why was it important I read this and apply it to my life?" I reached for it without realizing what I was doing, and, as I looked at the cover, I remembered the sweet friend who asked me to read it and return it... I believe he had borrowed it from his Pastor! uh-oh... that was a year ago... and, of course, he is so very kind as to not have said anything... he's just patiently waiting to see if and when I will be obedient enough to read and apply this book to my life!
I riffled through the pages and found the notes I'd taken and remembered that I had previously realized those notes were so scant they only make sense if I'm actively reading the book! ...but I knew I absolutely HAD to reread the 40 pages I had already read twice, then finish the book while taking notes I can actually refer back to later coherently... and be able to share these notes with others wanting to grow in this direction...
I was in the middle of my usual ADHD cleaning of my house, so I laid the book on my bed, looking at it longingly.. then I went back to add more boards to my fire (boards burn fast, so I am back in there at least every half hour)... and on to check laundry, finish cleaning the stove top, work on Matt's Career Arrow...
then... I read a bit of the book...
yes, I am still in a bit of rebellion...
tonight, after we get home from Pack 61 Christmas party, I am going to pull out a fresh notebook and delve in...
as I sit at my desk contemplating payroll, I am longing to read this book...
tonight around 9:00pm... a fresh cup of coffee... a fresh notebook... a good book that will help me grow into the Christian I need to be...
Thank you, my dear friend, for sharing your book so patiently!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Monday!

Fred has the girls out in the run and is announcing his presence to the world!

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Typical Morning

Awaken and check the thermometer~ 58*F and thermostat is set at 55*F, so my furnace is not kicking on. The Nicor gas bill I just received went down to $36.11, so I remain diligent on keeping a fire going when we're home!
Then I turn on the heat lamp for the chickens and stoke the fire. Once the fire is roaring I head out to open the puppy door from the coop to the run. Farmer Fred peeks his head out and informs the gikrls they are staying inside. Probably good as he's pulled all the feathers off his girlfriend's back and she's going to get frostbitten if she goes outside! Check the chicken's water, refill their food and head back into the house.
Time to make coffee, then eggs~ hey! Who forgot to buy bread? Well, guess Matt gets both eggs as he needs to be full. I'll find something to munch at work...
Matt is dressing/ playing with toys... "Please dress~ where is your undershirt?"
And so my morning progresses... dress...Load the car.. Head to work..
Blessed Morning!

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Working on Handyman pin for Webelos!

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Good Morning!

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Soup Starter

Good Morning!
Welcome back to our homestead.
Last night I embarked on a new experiment~ I am learning to make my own chicken broth/ soup starter. 
After simmering all the goodness out of the bones, I'll scoop these out and toss in the fire. Then cut up veggies and simmer on low until tender.
A yummy dinner ahead with little waste!

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Prepping for a Zombie Apocalypse...

Welcome back!!!
Where are you in prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse?
Although I think we'll be OK... well, maybe not... are we talking hoards of Zombies roaming the streets? Martial Law? Why am I not prepped?
Matt and I talked about scenarios while I drove him to school this morning...
Today was a good time to bring this up as I forgot to buy milk and poured evaporated milk on his cereal this morning... "Buddy, if they declare martial law, this will be what we're drinking!"
Do we have Zombies now?
Take a slow drive through that neighborhood you avoid... look into their eyes... desperately poor... addictions... little to no nourishing food available... lacking the ability to change their situation...
They are the current Zombie Apocalypse!
How skilled are we at survival?
The most skilled are, we decided, the servicemen and women... due to the nature of their jobs and training, they almost automatically will survive...
Next in line are the homesteaders... voluntarily living off their own land... acutely aware of their environment... refusing to die...
Then come the homeless... they have instincts that are scary!
After that we counted in all Boy Scouts...
Then the Webelos... (Boy Scouts in training)...
Then Cub Scouts...
The rest of the population? Well, all that posh living doesn't do much to prepare you... your designer clothes and acrylic nails will be useless... all the money in your bank will be untouchable, if not worthless...
Matt and I chatted on... ...
What if martial law is declared?
After 'snowpocalypse' last year, what did we learn about being stuck at home indefinitely?
Tonight Matt is going to make a list of what we should have stocked up...
then find out how much 'stocked up' means...
how many rolls of TP/ person/ year?
(We only have four rolls right now!)
What about board games?
Do we have all the pieces?
We must assume electric will be down due to a storm or EMP...
And, maybe, art supplies...
that could keep us busy for hours!
And yarn for me to knit...
(knitting relaxes me)...
Then he will make up a shopping list for us to prep...
Matt is now responsible (on a ten-year-old level) for our Zombie Apocalypse preps...
I think he's going to enjoy this new responsibility and the fun of being ready for anything!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Salsa Chicken

Welcome back! Check out what I'm 'baking' for supper.
My 'new' cooking plan is to make dinner every night using only food on hand. Except for this last bag of frozen chicken, and a pack of chicken bologna, this means creative meatless meals.
Although this may sound tragic to most, this really is a sound experiment in surviving off what we have on hand. Sort of a "what if there were martial law in Joliet" exercise. (Except that I still buy milk as needed).
Matt has been really good about my experiment, willingly eating 'pantry surprise' night after night. I will say, though, the fact that my pantry has allowed me to include tuna and cheese in most dinners, so Matt has been appeased.
What would meals be like if real martial law happens and we are 'grounded' to our own yards? Well, squirrel is edible... Anyone got a wildlife cookbook they can mail me?!

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Where Am I Today?

 Sometimes I seem so on-track I scare myself... sometimes I go through valleys where I wonder how I got there and where was He sending me...? Funny how I can go along doing so well and think I'm following His will... then look up and suddenly wonder what I'm doing! Am I really following His will? And, usually, after prayer, I realize I am on track... just going through a trial put there for my own growth... I have to admit I love growth, but I'm not too overly fond of the trials!
Today I find myself abundantly blessed. Not a financial blessing, although I 'think' we'll be OK financially... but spiritually blessed... filled with the abundant Peace of the Lord!
I see more trials ahead... the direction He is taking me has more growth opportunities available than I like to think about... and with those come blessings I've been waiting decades for...
 Bring On the Trials!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cart Before the Horse?

Good evening! How are you this fine evening? Hope you're staying warm!
I thought I'd share this photo of my crazy chickens with you as it reminds me of myself lately... I seem to be trying to do things out of order~ putting the cart before the horse.
Tonight I gave my chickens scratch grains in addition to their layer crumbles as an experiment. They are 'supposed' to eat out of the bottom of the feeder, allowing the fresh feed to trickle down to replace the food that I would prefer they eat first. The chickens do not see it my way. They never fail to rebel against this system!
More and more I am realizing I am the same way. God lays out a list of things He wants me to do and the order each must be done in... And I never fail to question His choices.
How much simpler would it be to just be obedient? After all, "obedience brings blessings!"
If I am trusting He will take care of me, why can't I just do it His way?
A new train of thought and a new chapter!

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Fresh Eggs?!

Good morning! You're just in time for breakfast!!! Don't these eggs look yummy?
Do you see the difference between the eggs? The top two eggs are brand "Mussman's Back Acres, Inc." medium eggs with an expiration date of 12.22.11. The bottom two eggs are freshly laid by my chickens yesterday.
Isn't the difference amazing? The size of the eggs and the richness of the yolks is like night and day!

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