Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sights as We Drive . . .

Please, I would love comments and captions!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Joy Dare~May 28, 2015

3 gifts in today's work~~

* better communication
* new/improved 50+ year life plan
* peaceful spirit

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day 146/365

Watching the cloudscaping as my day progressed oddly . . .
Grandpa Clarence's peonies are in bloom on our homestead . . .

Day 145/365

Monday, May 25, 2015

Day 143/365

Homestead flowers and my cute new washing machine !!!

Day 144/365

All the blessings of our homestead  . . .
Loving the layers of green . .
And the little secret garden nooks created by careful planning . . .
A peaceful place to rest . .
And just be us . . .

Friday, May 22, 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Be Grateful Challenge

     sweet boy; fresh, hot coffee brewed with cinnamon and pumpkin spice; banana for breakfast; home .. .
      quiet day watching office; kind tenants; finding doctor office; a nice chat with my niece and how sweet she is;  finding my drivers license in my car; having a really good doctor who is current on research; being able to see Rowley farm from doctor's office window . . .
           Menards and hanging with Matt; rebate forms for home and work; supplies for projects for the weekend (will post pics!!!); supper and a long talk; a nice chat with my niece and how her plans motivate me . . .
Matt's new haircut; a drive through Oakwood Cemetery; out trimmed a bit; my pond at twilight
Sweet Dreams, all!!!

The Blessings of a Non-Credit Class

Hi! Welcome back!!
I just wanted to share a bit about the fun I've been having taking noncredit classes at Joliet Junior College. So far I have taken three (3) classes: Financing Small Businesses, Grant Writing and Finances For Women. The grant writing class was in two (2) two (2) hour sessions while each of the other two (2) classes were a single two (2) hour session.
I can honestly say I really learned a lot from both the grant writing and finances for women classes (the small business financing class just wasn't relevant to my needs/goals).  All three (3) really motivated and inspired me to move ahead!! In a world where it can seem virtually impossible to change your circumstances, taking these classes is a real life changer!!
And from here?
Well, the catalog of summer classes anxiously awaits my perusal. I wonder what fun and interesting classes will be offered? Many of the classes are under $50 with some even free so there is absolutely no excuse for missing out on this fabulous opportunity!!!
What classes are you taking?
What classes do you recommend and why?

Joy Dare~May 2015

19th~ 3 gifts from your childhood~~
* few memories
* Kat's Jack & Jill Daycare
* Kathy Ruby Kanoi

20th~ a gift sweet sour, salty~~
* finding DVD we wanted
* coughing
* going back to original plan (w/ a twist)

21st ~ 3 gifts found in little people ~~
* morning sillies
* patience
* organization

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Babylon Thoughts and Homestead Photos . . .

Hello! Welcome back!
I want to share something I read today and would love/appreciate feedback.
Saw good facebook post~~

In the Bible Putin is king to north and Obama king to south (because Obama was born just south of Bible lands). America is Babylon in Revelation as the sin in the US is infecting the world. So Putin will attack and conquer the US before Obama leaves the white house in 2017. As Obama is collapsing Russia's economy Russian citizens will demand retaliation and Putin will invade.

Okay, so I looked up the books of Daniel and Revelations in my Bible, specifically referrals to Babylon, and I can definitely see what the facebook post was referring to.
But, on the flip side, a pastor taught that the Pope was the Harlot in Revelations which conflicts with the facebook post.
In looking at a comparison between Obama and the Pope/ America and Italy I personally think the last Pope was far less corrupt than Obama. The current Pope, however, appears to be in competition in light of his decision to turn his back on God and side with the Palestinians over the Israelis, God's chosen people!!!
So, does the US have more sin? Do we really produce and export more porn than any other nation (I believe 64% of total porn was stated)?? Do we have more greed? Adultery? Fornication?
If He chooses one country that has fallen farthest from the rules for Christian life He has so clearly laid out in His Word and sends plagues and disasters  to that country . . which country will it be?
And, if He will protect those who are following His instructions, where do you stand? Now would be a good time to open our Bibles and double check our lifestyles, gender appropriate clothing and thought/prayer lives . . . .

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Newborn Army Dress!!

The first stitches . . .
Just a hint and a peek. . 

Starting a Newborn Dress

Hi! Welcome back!! I am so excited and wanted to show you my latest idea for my line of newborn baby dresses. I am adding dresses with a military twist.
So far I have this Army material and a bit of one other branch (Coast Guard?). Tonight I used my 50% off coupon at the Jo Ann fabric on Plainfield Rd (why does that manager look so angry every time I see her??) and bought a couple yards of gold trim. It's similar to military braid yet a bit more feminine.
If this dress turns out as I plan I will enter it in the Will County Fair, so this is my only post on this project.
Between you and I, I have to admit not sharing my progress may kill me!!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Day 136/365

A bit if scenery around Statesville Penitentiary  . . . . .
I drive past on my way back from Jo Ann fabric  . . .
And always I wonder . .
If the power grid shut down as we drove past (due to an EMP) . . .
My car stopped running leaving us to walk home . . .
And Statesville was suddenly completely unlocked  .  . . .
As Iran continues to announce their intent to set EMPs off over the US, this is a definite possibility.
Where are you in this thought process?
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