Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Day 273/365

Joy Dare •+• September 2015

29th~~ 3 gifts shelved •-•
:] my plans for His
:] unimportant matters
:] past

30th~~ 3 gifts shining •-•
:-) beautiful day
:-) God's love
:-) freshly washed dishes

Rambles From Our Homestead

. . . and I pray . . and I learn more trust, patience and obedience  . . . and His timing is always better . . the healing is slow even though I thought it healed . . all who are around are not friends and I learn to be quieter . . .  praying and praying and still not speaking correctly  . . . learning to breathe and trust Him . . . why is it so hard to say all that really needs to be said  . . .  lunch in my car enjoying the breeze . . quietly contemplating our future plans . .  . 
And more prayer and the physical work that can somehow sweat the problems straight out of you  . . and realizing He has a reason and stop trying to second guess /get ahead of God . .
Bible study at church and the peace a long chat with a church sister can bring to my heart . . . opening up and being actually able to express what I'm thinking . . quietly waiting on God and His timing . .
Being blessed in the process of growth . . !

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Make Your Home a Haven~ Day 9

A candle lit. . .
A prayer sent . .
His Will be done!!

Day 271/365

Day 272/265

In My War Room . . Praying and Waiting on His Answer . . .

And I prayed and fasted . .
First time in years for this prayer . .
And I eagerly awaited the result . .
As though God had to respond right away. .
Time came and went . .  .
And, although I saw He had chipped away a bit at the iceberg, I was discouraged  . . .
And awake most of the night . .
This morning?
He has shown me the mental tantrum I threw at His timing vs mine  . .
And that "be patient" isn't a "no" . .
And I step back . .
Look at the list He gave me to accomplish before I may move forward . .
And I realize I need to focus on my list . .
And on my war room . .
And He will pull all together when the time is right . .
And I breathe again in trusting Him.

Joy Dare ~*~ September 28, 2015

3 gifts shy~•~
:) this new prayer
:) waiting quietly
:) a new prayer . . . (or maybe really the same one)

Monday, September 28, 2015

Joy Dare *~* September 27, 2015

A gift unexpected, uneven, unpopular ~~

:-] a new bike
:)  hiking trail
:-\ sore muscles from hiking

Sunday, September 27, 2015

1000 Marble Challenge ~ Week 104

Good evening!! Welcome back to our humble homestead. . .
Week 104 has come to an end and Matt declared it another well spent week . .
His reason?
"Because we had fun!"

In My War Room

Good evening!! Hope you are all very blessed tonight. I know I am!
Tonight I am adding a new name to my prayer list  . . a sister in Christ who is struggling with the iron-on-iron sharpening of church attendance. Her struggle is close to my heart as I have been through the same struggle . . and rather than go through it and grow, I wallowed in it for years upon years.
So tonight I am saying extra prayers for this beautiful sister to have strength to look to God and focus on Him alone.
How is your war too coming along?
Any special prayers sent or answered?

Purple Trail at Pilcher Park

Sometimes you just have to go into the woods to clear your head and reconnect with God!!

Purple Trail in Pilcher Park

A really nice hike with Matt on our favorite trail . .

Wife Bible Study ~~ Genesis 2:24

Good Morning!! I'm redoing a Bible study I did a few years back and thought you might like to join me!!
Initially (4-5 years ago??) I did this to see what I needed to improve on to be more fit to attract a godly husband. I looked up all the verses about 'wife' in the index in my NKJV study Bible, read one at a time, prayed on each and underlined in pink pen. It did make a huge difference in how I saw myself and my role in relationships. I did not however, "magically" attract a husband!! And I am grateful for that.
Over the last month or so I have been longing to redo this study from a more mature in Christ perspective. Last week I read on a blog post (Good Morning Girls?) about Bible study pen recommendations and wandered off to Kmart for a set of proper pens (so my Bible isn't ruined).
And now I settle on my front patio humble in a long plain denim jumper and bare feet ready to fill my soul with His words . . .

"Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh."

Now, my Companion Bible, although an amazing KJV study Bible, does not offer any interpretation of this verse . . Hmmm . .
My NKJV study Bible offers study helps on this and refers to still having a relationship with extended family, but, IMHO, refers to the marriage relationship as the primary concern of new couple through the rest of their lives.
This is my verse I will be praying on this week, or until the Lord leads me to move onto the next . .
What are your thoughts? Will you join me? Please, let me know in the comments below . . .

Make Your Home a Haven ~~ Day 8

The aroma of freshly percolated coffee (throwback to childhood visits to Grandma's) . .
Two (2) candles lit . .
A nice hot bath in the quiet of our homestead  . .
And I can see the glow of the candle from the tub . .
Prayers for my household as praise music wafts down the hall from the living room  . .
"Lord, thank you for my little family and the peace in our home . .
Lead us to serve and follow you more closely  . .
Keep us on your path . .

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Make Your Home a Haven Challenge ** Day 7

Last evening I still wasn't feeling great, which I now know was nerves, and so never posted these pics . .
Just a few short prayers and off to sleep . .
At this point in the challenge the playing of Christian music on low volume would be added, but as that is 24/7 in our home, I am making no changes at this point .. 

Day 269/365

Be Grateful Challenge ~~ September 26, 2015

        :-] peaceful morning; sweet snoring son; old friendship rekindled; early to work; Matt at Helpers of Mother Earth event at Pilchard Park picking up trash; a Coke; bookkeeping; silly Jessie's sweet smile; half day vacation day; Lady Pat and Pastor FJ Wallace renewing vows; so much church family in one room; home and a nice walk with Matt; thinking and praying  . . .

Friday, September 25, 2015

Joy Dare ** September 25, 2015

3 gifts finished••••
@_@ wasted effort

@_@ paying bills

@_@ day at work

Miss Lori's Snood

I must admit I've been slacking on my knitting . . Simply not enough hours in my days!! This morning, though, I stopped for about two (2) minutes of knitting and was reminded how enjoyable and relaxing this activity can be . . .

Make Your Home a Haven Challenge ~~ Day 6

A candle lit . .
A few quick prayers . .
A chat about communication  . .
Off to sleep as not feeling well  . .

My Hope Quilt Top

Even after working on this last night I am still only at the point of stitching Wednesday morning  . . . smh . . . But I did work over two (2) hours yesterday and was not feeling like myself . . hopefully I will be able to catch back up tonight  . . .

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Joy Dare ~~ September 24, 2015

3 gifts funny~~

(: Disappearing quickly . . .

:] cleaning means more prayer time . . .

~_~ security in following Him . . . .

Make Your Home a Haven Challenge ~~ Day 6

Prayers for my household and those who should be here . . .
MixRadio. Your own personal radio station.


My War Room

Today my war room is an apartment I am cleaning . .
I spread my prayer notebook on the counter  . .
Add to the list. . .
Look at people /situations I still need to lift in prayer . .
A little bleach to clean the top of the fridge just as a little prayer for a lost soul . .
Much the same concept . .

My Hope Quilt Top

Quilting and looking toward Jesus to follow Him more closely . .
If we each "live like you're not scared" and simply followed His lead, what would the world look like . . . ?
Stop a minute to click and listen to this song, then leave me a comment . . .
MixRadio. Your own personal radio station.


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Make Your Home a Haven Challenge • Day 5

Hey there! Glad you're back.
How are you doing on this challenge? I'm doing pretty well so far . . I didn't light a candle Saturday after work as we went straight to pick up a friend and then to the drive-in movies (by the time Matt and I dropped off the friend and returned home it was well after 1:00am and we went straight to sleep . . last night I lit a candle and prayed but forgot to take a picture (old age setting in? LOL).
And tonight? We are home from Bible study (*happy thoughts*), the candle is lit, we're in jammies and Matt is concocting something yummy in the kitchen (he was plotting this food-adventure on the way home!!) . . .
Home is peaceful but messy as we still have so much to sort through for our move. But there is love and prayer and choosing to go forward for Him . . And then more prayer . . And poke wars and hugs and patience and prayers  . .
And a candle lit  . . .
   in the hall . . .
   in the kitchen . .
    in the living room. . . .
     in the bathroom . . . . . .
And we pause to pray   . . . .
for family . . .
  for friends . . .
   for sweethearts to be . . . .
    for each other . . .
     for our Pastor  . . . .
      for souls needing Jesus . . .

In My War Room . .

Good morning . .
How is your war room coming along?
I must admit I still do not have a physical room I go into to pray . .
I do, however, pray almost all day wherever I may be . . working, quilting, doing laundry, even taking a bath . . all are opportunities to pray for someone or a situation God has put on my heart!
Every day I pray for my Matt~ for traveling mercies as he goes to/from school and for blessings and doors to opened to him . . for him to be a blessing to others . .
Lately I have been doing extra praying and some fasting. (1/2 day) for someone special . . For God to bless this person and more . .
There is something about praying on situations and people then watching what amazing things God does with those prayers!!!

Comfort or Living for God?

Hello there! Welcome back.
I just wanted to take a quick minute to sure with you a bit more about my journey . . No, I am not going on a sightseeing trip or a vacation. I am on a journey with Jesus. *smile*
As our finances collapsed recently it became more and mor obvious to me that we had gotten way to comfortable and beyond too preoccupied with being comfortable. Our lives simply weren't about serving Him by helping the needy any longer. This is unacceptable.
Now, as we prepare to downsize from our comfy little homestead onto a sailboat we are having to part with almost all our possessions, taking only the truly important and cherished items with us!!
This change will be about seriously decreasing my stress level thus preventing another mini stroke, but, more importantly, it will be about serving Him by reaching new people!! Can you imagine reaching out with the love of Jesus to all the homeless who have made riverbanks their home? Sharing a Pocket Testament and a warm hat or blanket?
yes, our life is changing and an amazing adventure awaits . . and a new group needing Jesus reaches out their hands to feel His presence . . .
I'd like to share a link to a blog post that helped me solidify this concept into words for you . . .

Monday, September 21, 2015

Joy Dare. •-• September 2015

20th •~• 3 gifts in salvation •~•
# close relationship with Jesus
# security of forever in heaven
# being part of an awesome family

21st •~• 3 gifts in information  •~•
@ ability to move forward properly
@ hiking=familiarity with surroundings
@ "obedience brings blessings"

Miss Lori's Snood

A bit of knitting and praying this morning while I listen to Pat Robertson speak on the Law of Perseverance . . .
Great way to start my morning!!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

My Hope Quilt Top

All caught up!! I am noticing some really positive trends in my life and I am grateful.
I have decided to begin praying and fasting on an important matter. There is an issue of great importance to me and I need to seriously devote my prayer time to it. I will share more about this down the road. My war room is going to be temporarily on overdrive for this as well as prayers for my sweet son and our future in Him.

1000 Marble Challenge ** Week 103

Yes!! We've marked another successfully happy week for our little family!!
What made this a positive week?
• going to the drive-in
• getting a lot done at home
• not being mouthy with Mom (me)

Ah, that's what we like!!!

Make Your Home a Haven Fall Challenge ~~ Day 3

Hello! Just stopping by to remind you to light your candle(s) and pray for peace in your home ~ let's besiege heaven with prayers for our homes and families!!
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