Thursday, January 21, 2016


I have finally reached that point of why bother with men . . I'm going to live my life my way and just be happy alone.
I've looked at the situation and see so many single men my age yet I'm not dating . .
I have dedicated more days than I'd like to admit to praying and fasting for God to bless me with a good biblical husband . .
Then it dawned on me!!
Why bother with this?
Maybe they're not asking me out because God is protecting me from them!!
We all know how it works . .
They look so cute and act so sweet . .
You start dating and they're so attentive, sweet and caring . .
They say they have the same goals as you and even willingly attend church with you . . .  .
Then . .
The real man comes out!!
So . .
I am looking at this as a safety net . .
And a time for me to make major changes in my life  . .
Without having to worry about if my boyfriend or husband approves.
Right now is "me time"!

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