Monday, January 18, 2016

Exodus 20:4~ a Closer Look

Hi! So glad you're here . . come on in and join me as I try to decipher this verse. I will admit the verse seems pretty straightforward, but my question lies deeper . .
Is He saying no images reflecting any thing
Is He saying only no making carved statues?
I am still feeling He refers to the former as anything we make any image of we tend to begin with"I love that!" and "I simply MUST have it!" In essence we are worshiping these over him . . . Whether it be a photo, dolly or painting. And what about movies?
If you are thinking I've totally gone off the deep end again ask yourself how much more quickly t-shirts with characters on them sell than the same style in a plain color?
Okay, so now for my reference books:
~ Companion Bible~ making a sculpture (hmm . .)
~ NKJV Study Bible ~ " . . . prohibition of fashioning images" . . 
~ Bible Reader's Companion ~ this verse not specifically explained :(  however it does state "Consistently violating any commandment indicates we are not living in fellowship with the Lord." So true.

Well, I have looked in three  . .
And yet, let's go back to the verse:

4" Thou shalt not make unto thee
          any graven image,
           any likeness of any thing
   that is in the heaven above,
      or that is in the earth beneath,
    or that is in the water under the earth:"

     " . ..Any Graven Image . . "
      " . . Any likeness of any thing . ." 

The verse itself gives the answer!!!

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