Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Supper a la Pantry Surprise!!

Ooo! Supper tonight was a blessing!
      I cooked pork cubes, using the grease to make the aforementioned candle :]
          For seasoning I added black pepper and turmeric (for radiation poisoning prevention) as well as curry paste and two (2) packets Taco Bell's mild sauce for zip. I let it simmer until the meat was gently browned and tender. Then poured off grease into jar prepared for candle making.
                 Next I poured on two (2) cans mixed vegetables as we definitely need to eat more veggies!! I let all these yummy and healthy ingredients simmer until all the flavors were completely comingled (so my picky self couldn't taste the carrots).
                           In our bowls I placed pumpernickel bread slices and ladled my yummy concoction on top.
                                    A blessing for our meal and Matt's bowl became empty quickly. A sure sign tonight's pantry surprise was a hit!!!

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