Sunday, July 31, 2016

1000 Marble Challenge. . week 147

"This was a good week,
  I hung out with my friends,
   Me and my Mom played Pokémon
    and we went to the drive-in."

Pantry Surprise . . Pork Stew

Hi and welcome back!
How is your Sunday going?
   Food and family?
      Deep cleaning?
For us today is about catching up on cleaning, schoolwork and cooking a good meal. It's my one day off my primary job so we take full advantage of an entire day together.
       For our culinary delight I have made a stew including pork, summer squash, zucchini and purple potatoes. It's been simmering slowly in flax and omega3 oil with a touch of tumeric an lemon pepper to give it zip.
      Almost time to eat . .
         Gotta go!!!

Rambling from the Homestead . .

   Yes, I've been a bit AWOL . . Sharing, but not really . . a lot going on . . I'm trying to process it all . . and, frankly .  .. I am facing many critics/judges . . . I am sharing, well honestly not sharing, because the constant criticism has been "interesting" . . .
     I am wondering about where I am and what I'm really accomplishing  . . .
           AND . .
     Way more importantly . .
               I am wondering what a situation I allow to continue is teaching my son about self worth? What we accept for ourselves is what our children will also accept for themselves.
       Honestly, I want so much more than this for my son . .
   I want him to know there are jerks out there and how to deal with them (he's already becoming fairly proficient at that!!).
   I want him to care enough about his own life to surround himself with caring supportive people.
   I want him to find a career that is rewarding beyond finances.
   I want him to hold firmly to his compassion and remember to reach out as there is always someone with less.
   I want him to always always seek God's will first and be obedient.

       I have to make necessary changes to provide for him now what I want him to seek as an adult.
       Our home situation should continue to be one of caring and understanding free from judgements of others who've not raised this autistic child.
     Our journey must continue to be primarily about seeking God's will.
   We must push ourselves to learn more every day.
     We must help those in need (goes back to my earlier post asking when was the last time You hugged a homeless person).
     We must refuse to climb into the box and be another clone, but instead must  . .
     Be us . .
        Be happy . .
          Show love .. 
              "Be the change . ."

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Day 212/366

Cloudscape over Lockport Prairie

Happy Sabbath Morning!!

I walked 650 steps so far today . .
I'm on bookkeeping all day so may have to either hike or Pokémon chase tonight to get my quota. . .
   Or rely on that crazy overage . . .

Have a blessed Sabbath, folks .. 
Keep God first in your day!

Old Joliet Prisons

The men's prison is on the right (west) and the women's on the left (east).

Old Joliet Men's Prison

Joy Dare ~°` July 29, 2016

3 gifts together . . .

` family time before work
  ` solidarity
   ` forward motion regardless

Friday, July 29, 2016

Day 211/366

1000 Marble Challenge .. weeks 145-146

Two more good weeks . .
"We played Pokémon, hung out, talked and got back on schooling."

My Paid Workout Program . . 72% finished and off work ..

I walked 7,210 steps . . .
Amazing since I did bookkeeping from 10:00am on!!
   Now I'm home with a million things to do . . .

How's your paid workout??

My Paid Workout Program~ 41℅ WooHoo!!

I walked 4,114 steps so far today.  .
Looks like I may pass yesterday's numbers with ease  ..
[OK, I'll be tired, sore, hot and sweaty, but . . getting exercise!!]

My Paid Workout Program .. my day begins. .

I walked 1,702 steps so far today . .
Already 17℅ finished!!

Day 211/366

Day 210/366

Cool tree in Will County Forest Preserve.

A Day of Homeless Shoes

I bet these boots have seen so much.
If they could only talk . . 
   I am wondering what happened that the owner left them behind?

Sneakers lost in the forest. . .
  Do they know the way home?

Quilting and Praying

A long day . .
Hot . .
   Steamy . .
A day begging for intense prayer.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Joy Dare ~ July 27, 2016

A gift on vacation,
             at home,
                in relaxation . . . 

         - quilting on my lunch . .
            ~ thorough shower
              - family time

Long Week . .

   It's been that week . .
     Changes, much needed, and taking things from illogical to sane,
         Yet, a lot all at once . .
And an eerie nagging fear  ..
  That the sanity of the changes may be forbidden . .
       And then?
     My phone, the same one that worked after being dropped in a toilet bowl two (2) different times . .
        It totally flips out on me!
    Screen scrolling all crazy on it's own . .
      Running apps willy nilly . . .
         Pulling up random websites . .
    Refusing me access. .
      While using my phone for it's own evil plan . .
  And the incredible extreme heat . .
    Who's bad idea was that??
      Half an hour cleaning at work and I desperately need a shower . .

Blessing in Obedience

1611 KJV. Genesis 22:1-18
"[1]And it came to passe after these things, that God did tempt Abraham, and said vnto him, Abraham. And hee said, Beholde, heere I am.
[2]And he said, Take now thy sonne, thine onely sonne Isaac, whom thou louest, and get thee into the land of Moriah: and offer him there for a burnt offering vpon one of the Mountaines which I will tell thee of.
[3]¶ And Abraham rose vp earely in the morning, and sadled his asse, and tooke two of his yong men with him, and Isaac his sonne, and claue the wood for the burnt offering, and rose vp, and went vnto the place of which God had told him.
[4]Then on the third day Abraham lift vp his eyes, and saw the place afarre off.
[5]And Abraham said vnto his yong men, Abide you here with the asse, and I and the lad will goe yonder and worship, and come againe to you.
[6]And Abraham tooke the wood of the burnt offering, and layd it vpon Isaac his sonne: and he tooke the fire in his hand, and a knife: and they went both of them together.
[7]And Isaac spake vnto Abraham his father, and said, My father: and he said, Here am I, my sonne. And hee said, Behold the fire and wood: but where is the lambe for a burnt offring?
[8]And Abraham said, My sonne, God will prouide himselfe a lambe for a burnt offering: so they went both of them together.
[9]And they came to the place which God had tolde him of, and Abraham built an Altar there, and layd the wood in order, and bound Isaac his sonne, and layde him on the Altar vpon the wood.
[10]And Abraham stretched foorth his hand, and tooke the knife to slay his sonne.
[11]And the Angel of the LORD called vnto him out of heauen, and said, Abraham, Abraham. And he said, Here am I.
[12]And he said, Lay not thine hand vpon the lad, neither do thou any thing vnto him: for now I know that thou fearest God, seeing thou hast not withhelde thy sonne, thine onely sonne from mee.
[13]And Abraham lifted vp his eyes, and looked, and beholde, behinde him a Ramme caught in a thicket by his hornes: And Abraham went and tooke the Ramme, and offered him vp for a burnt offering, in the stead of his sonne.
[14]And Abraham called the name of that place Iehouah-ijreh, as it is said to this day, In the Mount of the LORD it shalbe seene.
[15]¶ And the Angel of the LORD called vnto Abraham out of heauen the second time,
[16]And said, By my selfe haue I sworne, saith the LORD, for because thou hast done this thing, and hast not withheld thy sonne, thine onely sonne,
[17]That in blessing I will blesse thee, and in multiplying, I will multiply thy seed as the starres of the heauen, and as the sand which is vpon the sea shore, and thy seed shall possesse the gate of his enemies.
[18]And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed, because thou hast obeyed my voice."

       Obedience, a rough thing sometimes. But, as I go through this phase, I am seeing He always provides a safe logical happy way .. . . as long as I am obedient.

Monday, July 25, 2016

"I'm thinking of things that begin with the letter . . " T


Sock Jail

       My sock jail.
   A simple clear zipper bag.
Stray single socks held captive.
     Odd socks not running loose . .
       Not breeding under the beds!

Old Joliet Men's Prison at Night

Spooky, right?
We stopped by so Matt could battle in this Pokémon gym . .
    I snapped this picture without a flash, capturing a 'different' view.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

2016 Presidential Election: "PHOTOS: DNC erects four-mile eight-foot tall fence around Philly convention site - The American MirrorThe American Mirror"

As we get closer to election day I find myself going from supporting one candidate for US President to planning for a horrible aftermath.
Here's why:
•We all know all candidates say whatever they have to to win.
•Candidates with morals and values probably don't even exist.
•Neither party has any understanding of the true needs of average Americans so they promise crazy things like free money, etc thereby insulting our intelligence.
•They erect fences to keep us at a safe distance (so as to not cross contaminate them?!!?).
•The US has become riot-mad and normally sane citizens are taking protests to repeatedly more and more dangerous levels. The not so hidden agendas of the candidates, once in office, will ignite national protests the likes we have never seen.
         I do not see hope in this election. As a single parent already living below the poverty line one wonders how much worse things can get. A lot worse. From where I sit being poor is becoming a crime as is standing for morals/values (Christianity), American freedom, fiscal responsibility, free enterprise and compassion.
       I don't want a handout, that will make me weak. I want the freedom to make a really good life for my son and myself. I want the freedom that existed in the US in the 1950's!!
       With this election looming on the horizon I am wondering at what point a new revolutionary war will begin? Will it become more and more impossible to support our families? Will we need to bug out before the election or can we safely wait until just before inauguration (either way we're talking about bugging out in the winter)?
       Is anyone else seeing what I'm seeing here?


As the storm rolls into the Joliet area we enjoy watching the sky change.

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Day 204/366

Rialto Square Theatre

Such a beautiful building!
I wonder if this could become more profitable as a mixed use building?
    Offer art, drama and dance classes?
      Possibly rent to Joliet Junior College, University of Saint Francis or Lewis University? Maybe the gifted program in Joliet's Public Schools could also offer classes here? Imagine incorporating dance classes into the general physical education program!!
    Years ago, in Toledo, an old public school was turned into a community arts center called The Space. Different artists acquired rooms and offered classes to the public.
Imagine more for the future of  Rialto!

My Travel Coffee Cup

Yes, this soda cup from Speedway is my favorite coffee cup! I will admit I replace the lid and straw periodically but these cups are awesome!! I tried using a purchased travel cup, but found the lids to be defective covering me with coffee! I tried the large soda cups from McDonald's, but these are made of inferior plastic designed only for single use and, thus, have flimsy sides that collapse when picked up (if filled with fresh hot coffee).
Do you have a favorite travel coffee cup?
What about yours makes it the best for you?

Deep Cleaning Kitchen Counters

Foaming bleach cleaner is my 'friend'. When I spray it, it stays put way longer on vertical surfaces than simple spray. Because of that it does a lot of cleaning and disinfecting without my effort.
I currently have the Comet brand at home because I found a good price on it. Usually I will purchase the Family Dollar brand as $1/ bottle is budget friendly!
Really, though, I do not have brand loyalty. I look at price, quantity and whether the bottle feels full when I gently shake it.
What's you're favorite cleaner?

Now This Would Make a Cute Small Business!! "For Japanese Parents, Gorgeous Bento Lunches Are Packed With High Stakes : The Salt : NPR"

       Hey there! I happened upon this article and thought it worth sharing. It seems to me that a similar item would make a nice prepackaged lunch for kids.
Could someone in a cottage industry prepare healthy lunches using cottage cheese along with fresh fruits and veggie pieces adding bits of tuna or chicken salad? Imagine your child opening their lunch to find a Pokémon character made from yummy fresh healthy goodies!!
I think, IMHO, that this would make a fantastic brown bag lunch item.
Will you start this as your small business?

Bicentennial Park, Joliet, IL

I've heard this location is where soda pop was invented.
How cool is that?
Have you visited this location?
What do you think?

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Riverfest at Bicentennial Park

Good music . ..
   Lots of Pokémon . .
       Pretty boats . . .

And watching the storm clouds roll in!!

Old Joliet Men's Prison

Such beautiful architectural lines.

My Paid Workout Program begins . .

I walked 1,583 steps so far today . .
  Already so hot and sticky out . .


. . . as seen from Old Joliet Men's Prison . .

Old Joliet Men's Prison

While Matt battled in the Pokémon gym I wanders over to the pokestop and found there were men inside the prison fence doing some sort of repairs. I'd love to know what they were up to!

Old Joliet Men's Prison

Shame to see so many broken windows.

Pretty Clouds

Blessings of Shangri-la

Thick wooded areas . . .

So pretty!

Friday, July 22, 2016

My Paid Workout Program . . 123%

I walked 12,328 steps . . .
Work is done . . .
   Laundry washed . .
One tired mommy is tucked in bed . .
    Please, God,
         Let it rain softly all night.

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