Friday, November 30, 2012

My List.... it will change your life!!!

(Funny, but as I try to post this, I wonder what others will glean from it? I have not posted it twice now as I was unsure how it would be taken and how much would be read into it.) 
Here is how I make this list. It's a cumulative of a list process I found in a magazine article years ago and things that just simply worked better for me. 
This list is made in stages. 
The first stage is writing three (3) lists and allowing yourself three (3) minutes  to make each list. 
The trick is to honestly write down everything that comes to mind in the order it comes to mind. 
This list is private, so relax and let your feelings, wishes, dreams and desires flow onto the paper!

1. What would you like to accomplish in your lifetime?
2. What would you like to accomplish in the next year?
3. What would you need/ want to accomplish if the doctor gave you a month to live?
(Sometimes I just do this one as 'accomplish in next month)

Once your list is finished, cross off/ combine duplicate items. Say, 'family vacation' and 'visit Disney'. 
Now, you must narrow this list down to 6-7 items. 
In the next week, schedule one (1) hour to work on each of the items. 
You may only have enough time to do a bit of research on a given item, but that act will completely change your perspective on that item, perhaps your whole life! 

Here is the list I made last night: 

*married~ obedience to His voice
*farm~ mini livestock~ bunnies & guinea pigs
* Aiden & Caliegh~ prayer
*education~ business textbooks

*lg. gardens~ edi-scaping
*Avon~ 5+ recuits

*office redone
*aquaponics~ what plants, fish, pets
*"Resolution for Women"~ read daily
*Pocket Testament league 21 Day Challenge
*water heater~ call
*budget~ re-write
*new uses

To the right of each "~" you will see my notes on that item. 
This list will take me through the next week. I did not narrow this down to 6-7 items, but you can see how some items replicate/ define others. 
Please, try this and let me know how it works for you! Would love to see your lists shared in the comments here.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

His Approval Is.... All That Matters!!!

Hi! Welcome back. I've been 'missing' a bit lately, I know.
 Had some things I had to get together.
And some things I had to remove from my life. 
Sometimes life just works like that for me. I have to stop everything (literally jump off the world) and rethink my life. My entire life. Where is He sending me? Where are they pulling me? And she pulling me? And that other group pulling me? 
Which of these really even matters?
His way, of course!
And, what if going His direction, as I'm called to do it, makes me an outcast/ oddity with the others? Seriously~~ 
So What?!?! 
Their approval...
Or her's...
Or theirs...
Won't make a bit of difference in my salvation.
And that is the only thing that matters in the end. 
We are all, hopefully, working toward that final day.
That day when we each must stand before the Lord and explain ourselves. 
To me the goal is to have as little as possible to explain. 
While I can not go back into my past and rectify wrongs I have done, I can chose to live a holy life from here out. I will still make mistakes. A lot of them probably. I am still human, flawed. I stumble, get rebellious, stomp, mumble, fuss and complain. 
I want to serve Him! 
I want to please Him! 
So I must focus on what He is asking me to do,
how He is asking me to dress, 
those He is telling me to care for. 
His Approval Is 
All That Matters!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 332/ 366

Lunch at work!
I am so blessed!!!

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Rialto Theater Foyer Ceiling

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Rialto Square Theater

This theater has amazing architecture.
You absolutely have to visit.
There are a meriad of shows to chose from.

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Christmas Trees at the Rialto

Beautifully decorated trees abound at every turn.

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Christmas at the Rialto Square Theater

Decorated trees abound!

View from the lobby balcony.

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Rialto Square Theater

Ceiling viewed from balcony.

Amazing wall detail in the balcony!

More amazing wall detail in the balcony.

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Rialto Square Theater

Ceiling details as viewd from outside balcony

Organist as viewed from balcony...

Ceiling detail as viwed from balcony!

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Rialto Square Theater

Ceiling details...

Wall details and organist...

Matt sitting on lower level

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A Night at that Rialto


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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Little and Softness and Gentle

She is little and softness and gentle and beauty on beauty. 
She is perfection as only God can create, that little granddaughter across the hall. 
And I go in to talk to her and pat her fanny, rub her tummy gently while cooing to her how dainty and sweet she is. 
And she wiggles, looks up and coos back. 
And she owns my heart. 
Yet I may not hold her. 
And I realize that, maybe He is teaching me. 
Teaching me that spoiling my child created a mess I must now contend with. 
Teaching me that, as long as He is with me, everything will be okay. 
Teaching me to find joy in the small moments with that tiny angel. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 324/ 366

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MPG Game

Good morning! How are you doing with this game? I'm sort of up and down with it.
This was my MPG this morning when I dropped my son off at SEALS in Romeoville.

and this is where my gas gauge was.

This was my MPG when I arrived at work on the near-west side of Joliet.

And this was my gas gauge reading.
Driving my guy to school uses very little gas.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Tommy's Breakfast

Good Morning! Hope your sleep was blessed.
Matt has left me this morning for his daily school adventures.
I noticed that Tommy had pulled down his wheel and re-attached it for him when it occurred to me that he might enjoy a piece of bacon.
Matt had left a couple fatty ends on his plate so I gave one to Tommy and one to Bob, the hermit crab.
Bob is sleeping in, but doesn't Tommy look like he's enjoying every bite?

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Matt Enjoying GameStop

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Friday, November 16, 2012

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