Saturday, January 9, 2016

De-Clutter ~ 500 Things in 14 Days ~ Day 6

Why, hello there! Welcome back to our humble homestead. Won't you come on in? I'm afraid I can't offer you a cup of our famous secret recipe fresh, hot coffee. I'm bleaching out my coffee maker again (hating on some nasty lurking germies!!).
Don't you just love how clean our kitchen table is? Tonight I staged an attack on the clutter that accumulates there . . it appears to think it is a junk drawer and piles up accordingly!!
We also did an unplanned attack on a dirty wall and a floor  . . this proved to be an excellent opportunity to introduce Matt to the fun of cleaning these areas and seeing the results he created in a cleaner home.
So, where are you with the 500 things in 14 days challenge? Isn't this challenge just too too fun??!!!! As of yesterday we had managed to cycle out 226 items!! WooHoo!!!
And today?


So we are now, on day 6 of 14, at 247 out of 500 items eliminated from our humble homestead!!!
De-Cluttering Rocks!!!

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