Friday, February 5, 2016

"The Secret Kingdom"

Good morning!! How are you? We are awesomely blessed and hoping you are too .. 
This morning, as I munch my omelet and sip hot coffee, I am watching Pat Robertson's "The Secret Kingdom" volume 2 . ..  I watch this many mornings before I head out to deal with the world  . . it strengthens my prayer life to put these principles into action!
What is this DVD about?
Biblical Laws . .
Not the mosaic law, but laws that God set that are eternal . .
On this DVD are these laws:
• Perseverance
• Greatness
• Responsibility
• Unity
       And this is only what is on volume 2!! I also have volume 3, but want to be solid I this volume before I open that one. . .
       I love to study Biblical laws so treasure these DVDs. The first time I was introduced to Biblical law was at Toledo Restoration Church as Pastor Eddie spoke on it often. I still remember him saying, "These are Biblical Laws that cannot be broken!"

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