Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Vitamin D3 Deficiency

What does vitamin D3 deficiency feel like? For me it is an incredible amount of pain in my bones.  . yes, in my bones of all places. . . 
I knew I was miserable . . knew I didn't feel well (I'm Really Really good at blocking out pain) and thought I was needing more protein in my diet . . but, no matter what I ate, I never felt better! 
Finally, I ended up with insurance (Obamacare forced me to finally reapply for a medical card) and went in for a checkup . . I mentioned to my new doctor how much my arms hurt at night. .  never the arm I was laying on, but the arm laying on top of me!! 
Right away she knew what was causing this . . she ran a quick test then put me on 50,000 EU of vitamin D3 a week for a month (taken in weekly doses) . . that's a lot of vitamin D3/ dose!! 
Almost immediately the pain began to subside . . . I found I wasn't so exhausted all the time from being awake all night in pain . . and my daily chores didn't cause excruciating pain any longer! 
Finally, I was me again. . .
After my follow-up visit a month later my doctor ran another test and advised me to take 8,000 EU/day. 
As often as possible I sit in the sun, even if only in my car on breaks and lunches at work. That little bit of sun trickling through the windshield adds an extra dose of a vitamin I absolutely must have . . . and, very soon, Matt and I will get back to hiking . . . that will be more time in the sun/more natural vitamin D3!!! 

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