Monday, February 29, 2016

"Down My Rabbit Hole"

Good morning! How is your rabbit hole looking? Today mine is a day in my cubicle doing bookkeeping . . . I've lit a candle on my desk right next to my coffee (McDonald's because my coffee maker broke) . . . today I am praying for peace at my job and in the world . . . also for His guidance as Matt and I move forward. 

You may notice I changed the title from "Down the Rabbit Hole" to "Down My Rabbit Hole" . . . this is because we are each responsible for our own circumstances . . . if you don't like your rabbit hole, find a better one!!! 

Me? I am going to reread " Who Moved My Cheese" then get more serious (give up sleeping??) until my rabbit hole is to my liking . . . 

What about you??

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