Sunday, February 7, 2016

Quilting and Planning . . .

We are having such a nice morning at home! It is so nice to sleep until I'm completely rested then start my coffee and begin to quilt  . ..  Restful.
Matt and I have been watching "Hugo" and talking about his future plans . .
I started by having him make a simple list of how he'd like to live: i.e. boat, RV, ect . . . from there he made his list. Then we discussed why he likes each idea and he refined his list.
Next I had him make a list, for each heading, of schooling, ect he will need . .
Now he is feeling more motivated to move ahead and has a definite direction he can clearly see!!
For my teen the aspergers has made it necessary to think way outside the box . . sometimes way, way outside  . . what works for ordinary kids simply doesn't work for Matt.
What are you doing to ensure a happy future for your aspie?

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