Friday, February 19, 2016

Jonah 1:1-3

As I sat down tonight (with "War Room" in my DVD player), I opened my NKJV Bible and came to an old church bulletin (8.17.2014) of a sermon by Randy Ruiz . . I noticed the note I made at the top, "Men have been looking so long at the great fish, they have failed to see the great God." I read these verses, not allowing myself this one time, to read further . . and I realized how this pertains to me. . . right now where I stand it would have been so easy to simply use my tax return to catch up bills and cover some bills through the next year, but I know this is not what God is calling me to do! He is calling me to move, to go to a new community and touch new lives. This is why He opened the door for us to be offered our new home in Shangri-La. He nudged me daily until I finally called looking for a boat to buy~ God used that phone call to open amazing doors for us!! And the blessings just keep coming!!!!
Yes, it would have been less terrifying to stay here in a house I can't really afford, continually trying to find ways to make more money/live without things so critical bills (gas/water/electric) could be paid.
The known always seems better and safer, but it's not always what is best for us. Instead of staying in the apparent safety of the known, I chose to take a huge leap of faith and trust God, figuratively jumping from a high cliff and landing gently snug in the soft yet strong palm of His loving hand! And, by trusting Him enough to be obedient and jump, our lives have been blessed in ways words cannot express . .
Suffice it to say that His plan has brought a gentle peace to us both.

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