Friday, February 26, 2016

Planning My War Room

Yes, I've been watching this movie again . . . let's just call it my current addiction and move on, shall we?? This time I paused and rewound several times to take notes!! WooHoo!!!!!!!! Next I will need to write out my prayers and post in my war room . . . 
Hmmm . . . .  where to situate my war room? I am currently favoring my spot at our new kitchen table (the only closet in the camper is too tiny for me to crawl into) . . . . the wall by my side of the table is a good spot . . . and we have no visitors so it will be private . . .
There are some serious issues Matt and I both have to pray about so the next step is for us to each begin writing out our prayers .  . .
Watch out, devil because we're going to kick your ugly butt!!!

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