Monday, February 8, 2016

Good Evening!

       Hey, all!! Sorry I was AWOL today . . my paid workout turned into cleaning an apartment lacking heat and hot water on a 27*F day . . .  Although at the time it was "unpleasant" I can see now it was an eye-opener as to what life could be like post EMP! So . . needless to say  . . . post EMP I am not cleaning anyone's apartment!!!  :] 
       I am soooooo excited! Tonight we paid the first month's rent on our trailer. Next we can begin cleaning it and moving our things in. At the house we are still on what I call "pack it or pitch it mode" meaning a lot is getting thrown away [ I will be posting "500 things in 14 days" again soon]!!! 
I also must tell you that tonight in the shower I realized two (2) things~ 1) I could easily live at Barnes and Noble (it would get expensive eating there, though!!); 2) I may be totally in love with my shower (well, only because it's almost unlimited hot water and my variety of shower gels) . . after a long day at work, it is truly appreciated!!
And now? Well, my sweet Matt is running laundry and will make supper (love having a personal chef!!) . . I have to comb out my hair and maybe quilt some as I haven't quilted ALL day (bizarre withdrawal induced twitching may ensue shortly!!) Evening is home time~ chatting, laundry, projects, movies, reading, Bible study . . Peaceful and filled with love and security!!

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