Sunday, October 11, 2015

Homestead Laundry

Hi! How do you dry laundry on your homestead? Since 1988 I've been drying mine without a dryer as much as possible. Sometimes this was due to financial situations and sometimes by choice. It all started when the first husband decided to not allow me money to wash and dry my daughter's cloth diapers or purchase (waste of money) disposables. Out of necessity I began to scrub diapers in the bathtub and then hang these to dry on a clothesline I strung between the curtain rod at the window and the clothing rod in the closet.
Today it is by choice. A choice to not spend my hard earned money on a new dryer. A choice to not increase my electric bill the $65.00/month it decreased when I put the last dryer at the curb. And a choice to have laundry smelling fresh from line drying!
This morning, as I am not yet ready to give up the comfort of my jammies, I am hanging the majority of fresh, clean clothing and sheets indoors. The clothing goes on hangers and is hung from the shower rod and door frames. The sheets are draped over doors. The aroma of freshly perked coffee mixes with baby powder scent fabric softener and wafts through the house like a gentle massage. As my third load agitates down the hall I sit back and knit and relax . .

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