Monday, October 26, 2015

Individual Praise and Worship Styles

Hey there! Welcome back!!
What's your personal praise and worship style? Does it match your personality? Are the two even remotely connected?
Here are some of the styles I have observed:
* kneeling (at alter)
* prostrate on floor
* waving flags
* standing, arms stretched out straight from sides
* standing, arms waving gently in air above head
* waving a scarf
* jumping
* dancing (variety of styles)

These are just what immediately comes to mind. I'm sure you could add to this list!! And each is a way that particular person is moved in the Spirit. Personally, I don't think any one of these makes one person holier than the others. Each is simply a reflection of that person's intimate relationship with God!
Now, for me, I am generally a somewhat hyper person. Even if I'm sitting I'm doing something (knitting, sewing, chatting~ or two things at once). But . . . when I am deep in praise and worship I go into a tender intimate relationship that is quiet, loving, tender . . almost a feel like a good slow dance with someone ultra special!! Very different from the girl who pings from here to there chatting and singing all day.
What about you? Is your praise and worship style dissimilar to who you are the rest of the time?

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