Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Infused Water for Sinus Infections

Good afternoon!! How are you?
I wanted to share my favorite remedy for sinus infections as I came home from work early today due to a stomach ache caused by sinus drainage. I found this recipe on facebook (a land where we all share jokes and knowledge).
In a glass quart jar combine:
• 2 diced lemons
• 1/2 diced cucumber
• 10-20 fresh peppermint leaves
Cover with water and allow to sit at least eight (8) hours in the fridge before drinking.
It is so yummy that my son even eats all the fruit and veggies (actually asked if he could, please, do that!!!).
Try it next time you have sinus issues . .
You won't regret it!!
(not a substitute for professional medical care)

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