Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Simple Act of Kindness

Yesterday I received my bank debit card and FOID card in the mail from someone I never met before. An act of kindness and selflessness that astounds me in this day and age.
Now, before you panic, I lost both of these a few years ago in my house. I was sorting documents and set both aside together planning to put these in a secure location later. Mid-sorting I had to stop so all my work ended up back in one big heaping mess again.
When I realized both cards were missing I simply canceled each and ordered a replacement as I didn't have time to look for each. I really figured these were in some corner of my home laughing at me for not being able to locate them!!
Recently my son and I took a lot of boxes of extra clothing and outgrown hiking boots to MorningStar Mission for use by the homeless or to sell in their thrift shop. Apparently the cards were in either Matt's old boots or a pocket in a clothing item. Upon discovering these two (2) cards this amazing woman took time out of her day to mail these to me!!
I am grateful these were returned and not use to steal my identity. I am chuckling and smiling and have no real way to repay her kindness. I am, however, about to pen a very grateful thank you and mail it tomorrow.
There still is hope for this world!!

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