Sunday, November 6, 2016

Organizing a Storage Unit

   Sometimes time and circumstances overtake a situation causing a bizarre state of anti-organization. That was the situation for us. The letter from the bank accepting my request to deed back a home I could no longer afford gave us exactly one (1) week to vacate. Wow. . .
Matthew was a huge help, running what almost became a 24/7 yard sale.  . but, even then, packing up an autistic home while making sure the related child saw future circumstances as a supreme adventure to be envied by all, was a chore and a half . . .
And so . . . our poor storage locker holds almost our entire lives .. and it's packed in some warped state of chaos . . to be pulled out in a week or so and resorted into something resembling logic. .  and, hopefully, a minimum of 50% eliminated .  .  sweet Matt is enjoying the transition and new friends we are making along the way. .
Our new adventure is about to begin!

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