Thursday, November 24, 2016

Prepping after Losing Almost All Our Preps

   At one point we were almost totally prepped. We were ready for all but floods and fireballs!! With having our tiny homestead we had a place for a huge garden, fruit trees and room to store more than a two (2) year supply of food. We had a shed full of hand tools (non-electric) and were honing our skills in each area.
   And now? Well, we are in an apartment with nowhere to garden.   All our canning supplies and garden tools are gone as well as over $1000.00 of groceries.  The above picture is all the nonperishable food we have on hand!! We are truly starting our prepping journey from scratch.
   At first this un-prepped prepper scenario gave me a Huge stomach ache! I mean there we were. I'd spent so much time making sure we'd be okay. Crazy government puts us on martial law, we'd have a garden to live off of. Power grid finally collapses, we had antique hand tools. I was ready for almost anything.
  So here we sit. I can't let my situation suck the life and hope out of me. It's too easy to let evil win and become a mindless clone, an unthinking blob.

   As I begin the process of quietly re-prepping I'd like to take you along with me. But, I'm changing my blog. What you're seeing now day-to-day will stay the same. However I will also be adding premium content over time. I am still in the process of planning how this will work, so bear with me.
   But, as a preview, let me say that I plan to include: 
~ videos of where we explore/hike
~ tutorials of projects I'm working on
~ ideas for prepping if you're stuck in an urban setting

     I know there will be at least one premium post a week and that, eventually at least, access will be dependent on how much is paid in a subscription.
   For right now, I am asking for some serious feedback as to what you'd like to see more in-depth. I must say that these posts will share more, but I will also be taking greater care with our privacy and safety. 
   As I am barely starting this project I may make all premium content available to all subscribers initially then create tiers later. What will happen with tiers is that people who pay more per month will have access to more. So, for example, someone who decides to pay less than $5/month may only have access to premium blog posts. However someone who pays $20/month may have access to all lower levels as well as my videos on YouTube.
   Please, as my blog grows, I need to hear what you think.

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