Saturday, November 19, 2016

Prioritizing Matt

  Have you ever noticed how there are times when you take a breath and step back only to see that there are an awful lot of people who simply only want a piece of you?
  After all Matt and I have been through over the last year, I am seriously making him even more of a major priority.
  I am noticing that this decision is making some people twitch and others go into major seizures.
  While these immature reactions to me devoting more quality time to my autistic son can become quite entertaining (if one has time, energy and inclination to watch) I find it all tiring.
  With working 48 hours a week all my 'down time' is Matt's.
  It's time to encourage . .
                      snuggle . .
                       listen . .
                        check schoolwork . .
  My priority is my son.
   Those who can't handle that need to grow up and get over themselves.

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