Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Shoveling Snow

   Yes, I enjoy shoveling snow. (Now, let me say, I'm talking about shoveling for fun because I want to, not under duress or at a forced march.)
   You know the shoveling I'm talking about. The kind where you grab your winter get up and head outside to challenge nature. The shoveling where it's you against the relentless snow flakes in a challenge to the death. And also, the shoveling where you're free to stop to catch snow flakes on your tongue or marvel at the way your neighborhood looks buried under white fluff.
  Yes, I enjoy shoveling. Making sledding ramps at the end of the drive so we can shoot across Iroquois Dr into the creek (seemed like a good idea at the time and sure was fun!!). The shoveling where you stop to tunnel into the deep snow packed into the ditch along the road.
Yes, I enjoy shoveling. The shoveling that includes and precedes fun!!

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