Friday, November 25, 2016

1000 Marble Challenge ° Week 828/1000

  This was a fun week because "we got settled into the apartment and got it all cleaned."
  Okay, so after sharing this fun project with a neighbor who just had a new baby girl, I began to wonder, " how many weeks since Matt was born and how many weeks until his 1000 are up?"
   He has been alive 828 weeks and I must confess I've not used all well. If he weren't autistic he'd have only 172 weeks left at home. With he autism he'll be around a bit longer to forever. We have many spectacular weeks ahead of us!!
   Although this is week 162 of tracking well used weeks, it's week 828 of his life.

     This week's rock of choice!

162 rocks/marbles . .

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