Wednesday, February 3, 2016

De-Clutter 500 Things in 14 Days

Hi there!! How is your de-cluttering coming along?
Me? Well, I've made a bit more progress this week:
397+19= 416
Yes, I'm slowly creeping toward the 500 mark!! This time my sorting attack was an evening and was confined to my closet. All clothing items even remotely usable were donated to my church . . I sure had some cute skirts that, even if I lost all the weight I'd like, will still be too long for me . . it was painful to part with those, but necessary.
Also, I found some shirts that were usable as sewing material so stashed those away. At this point I am seriously considering tracking how many items I repurpose vs throwing away . . might be interesting!
How much are you eliminating vs repurposing?

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