Monday, October 5, 2015

Rambles from the Homestead

     :-) today my mind is all over the place . . plans and hopes . . looking at yesterday's yard sale that earned us $1 . . . going to begin packing up everything we wont take when we move ( that we can't sellable to a shop) and we are dropping it off for MorningStar Mission to sell at the Treasure Chest . . . the yard sale was not something God told us to do so was therefore a bad idea/waste of time!! And then .  . . a chat with a good friend who wants to buy some of what we have to sell . . and God is so very good . . and that sweet man who texts me and a nice conversation  . . . and He listens to prayers plead out over many years and counts tears shed from broken hearts desperately needing to heal . . . the God of restoration!!
New front tires while Matt tries out gardening club and hangs with friends  . . teen years and growing up together  . . . and teen plans to watch scary movies on Halloween and a mom's obligation to get more details beforehand  . .
here, on our humble homestead, we are so blessed . . blessed by patience, understanding and communication  . . and more importantly by love, pure and simple . . .
and, as I sit contemplating our plans, I can see so much hope . . and God taking our desire to play the game seriously (where we see how little money we can live on) and so we must watch every penny, budget carefully and pray . . . and He will provide those things we actually need as He always does . . .
Simply pray and trust in Him!

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