Sunday, October 4, 2015

Not Cutting My Hair

Hey there! Wanted to share with you a moment about my journey in not cutting my hair.
Can you believe it has actually been 1041 days since my last haircut??
My hair is somewhat longer than last year (I will show you the actual length on November 27th). It would be a lot longer, but it's been breaking off at the line of demarcation (line where new growth meets chemically treated hair~ hair color in my case). If you look closely at the photos you may be able to see where my dark under layer ends just below my shoulders. This is the effect of the breakage and I must admit I'm not disappointed as I can't wait for it to all be my natural color!!
I am truly loving my silky gray and white hair with a smattering of dark brown . . I feel like a luxurious princess with these long locks!! And then, when the banana curls pop up . . . Ooooo, too cute!!
Why didn't I quit cutting and coloring my hair long ago?
Why did I ever even start?

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