Friday, October 9, 2015

Homestead Updates

Well, hello there!! Welcome back~ I'm so glad you stopped by our humble homestead today!!
I have to tell you the front of my house is just plain getting on my nerves!! Seriously, it's making me nuts, so I decided to make some major changes.
Honestly, I have been doing some radical trimming and thinning of my greenery recently. I realized (came up from parenting/work responsibilities long enough to notice) that it was becoming a jungle!! A few days of trimming expeditions and it began to look a bit more civilized (I'm Not saying I'm in favor of a civilized looking property).
So, today I decided to attack this corner of my homestead (one corner at a time is less overwhelming). This is the spot where my Waste Management totes sit. Keeping these here works well as it is convenient to the street for hauling out and right by the car for taking trash out on the way to work!!
Initially the spot was a mess covered with bits of trash, clumps of clay and some gravel. I cleaned up the trash and moved the cinder blocks, then cut back volunteer bushes and trees. After that I leveled the area as much as possible and set in pavers we found on sale years back. Then I added the limestone blocks for accent.
This looks much better to me!
What do you think??

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