Saturday, October 3, 2015

Be Grateful Challenge ~ October 3, 2015~~ Our Sabbath Day

   :-] sleeping in; sweet son; fresh, hot coffee; early to work; Christian song stuck in my head; Matt voluntarily doing homework in my office; endearing texts; little chubby face and sweet smile; chubby cheeks with brown curls; bookkeeping; praying His Will; Mary and all her friendship means to me; home and laundry (always always laundry); Matt cooking supper; knowing I can stand on His Word and pray it over my situation; my Hope Quilt Top (trying a new idea); peace and quiet of home; love; Matt and his sweet patience; Hector and his attentiveness; gentle jokes and teasing; snuggled up watching a movie~ Matt playing Bad Piggy's and me quilting; the way He transforms; peaceful neighborhood and off to sleep soon . . . 

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